The Last Post

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This is a short piece depicting how I feel most every day. it is considered dark by the only person I know that I will allow to read my work. I know that it isn't very well written and most of you may consider it not worth your time but to those of you whom think it worthy of your time I do hope it makes you feel something. any feeling that you have is worth feeling.-Gibson

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011




Is it the dark that makes me afraid?
is it my choices that haunt me?
cant I just get up from where I lay?
all it would take is for you to set me free
no matter where I look things go wrong
I don't know anymore what's going on
I can not hide from the things I have done
so from behind a fake smile I look at you
seeing what I want you to see 
hearing what I want you to hear 
looking to what you all hold dear
but none of you can see me 
if I show you who I really am 
if you see me for what I have become
would you be scared or feel sorry
or truly would you even care
I summon the strength each day to stand and walk
you tell me that if I don't act like you I am strange
so I fake my swagger and my strength
to please you all and make you happy
when I'm gone what will you do 
when you find this on my screen
will you blame yourself or just me
like you always do 
I don't want your pity 
I don't want you to cry
just walk on by
like you always do
because you didn't know did you?.....

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