Life Lessons by Stacie Nicole Polk

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Basically, this story is about a young woman who is forced to grow up way too soon because reneglect from parents, she eventually falls on hard times but finally realizes this is not the life she wants to live and gets her life together.

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012



Life Lessons

She was a very confused girl living in a world full of chaos. Her name was Samantha Smith and she grew up in a lower

class family in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents worked very hard cleaning hotels sometimes working 10-12 hour shifts trying to pay bills

on time. Samantha rarely saw her parents, she spent everyday looking after herself.At only 12 years of age, she got herself up every morning for school,

cooked her own meals, completed her homework and did all of the house chores. Her parents, Marilyn and Daniel Smith, who married five years prior ignored the

fact that their absence bothered Samantha. They tried to make attempts to spend time with Samantha on the weekends but they often came and went as her parents

always fought about money every chance they got.

At school, Samantha was a very bright young lady. She was a straight A student and participated in every academic activity. She didn't make friends

easily because of her severe shyness. She would get butterflies just walking into the classroom every morning. There was a young boy named Ryan in Samantha's class

that would try to talk to her daily. Samantha was reluctant at first to talk to him but eventually said hello just to break the silence.

Because of Samantha's intelligence and talent she portrayed in school many kids didn't pick on her. However, because she was poor and didn't have the best

looking clothes she was often tormented by other kids. Her pants were often too short, her shirts had holes and her shoes were coming apart from the soles.

Samantha would desperately try to look presentable at school each day so she would go home every night and hand wash all of her clothes, hoping the next day no one

would she had wore the same outfit the day before.

Home was her escape from the torment she experienced at school. She studied the best way she could and continued to fend for herself without her parents

help. As years went by, Samantha begins to rebel from her difficult childhood. She is now 16 years old and a sophomore in high school. She felt she could make the

decisions she wanted and have the freedom she dreamed of. Samantha soon began hanging around the wrong crowd and negative peer pressure consumed her life.

She began smoking cigarettes, drinking excessively and skipping school. She was headed for the road of disaster and fast.

Because of Samantha's excessive skipping of school, she failed all of her classes. She ignored all attempts to get into summer school and subsequently dropped out

at the end of the school year. After Samantha dropped out of school she decided to run the streets with her so-called friends, doing whatever she could to fit in and to

survive. She would return home every now and then to get clothes but once again returned to the streets leaving her parents behind.

It wasn't long after Samantha had began running the streets that she started to experiment with drugs. She tried everything she could get her hands on. She would even

stand in front of liquor stores begging for money to buy drugs. When she grew tired of that, she then resulted to prostitution. Samantha's drug habit continued for five

years until she hit rock bottom. She overdosed on heroin and was found passed out in an alley. She woke up to find a strange man standing over her asking if she was

okay. She asked the strange man to please take her to nearest hospital and he agreed. While in the hospital Samantha realize.d she had to get her llife together and if she

didn't she would die or go to prison.

As soon as she was discharged from the hospital she began heading for a rehab clinic a few blocks away. She was hesistant to approach the rehab clinic fearing the

worse but soon found the courage to go in and introduce herself.When the receptionistasked what she needed, Samantha replied, "Hi, myname is Samantha Smith, I

havea drug problem, can you help me? " "Of course", said the receptionist. She told Samantha to fill out a questionaire and to return it after it was completed. A lot of

information on the questionaire was unfamiliar to Samantha but she answered each question the best way she knew how. Her treatment plan was approximately

12 weeks long. She was given a contract to sign stating that she would not leave under any circumstances before completing her treatment. She was also given

forms stating she would participate in support group sessions, withdrawal treatments and any medical tests administered by the rehab clinic. After completing these

forms she was then taken down to the living quarter she would be residing during her stay. The bedroom she was given was equipped with of plenty rest. As the

weeks slowly went by, Samantha found herself very lonely. She had no friends, her family never came to look for her , and she could no longer depend on the drugs to

console her. The withdrawal symptoms were so severe she couldn't sleep at night. She would scream at the top of her lungs for drugs but no one would respond.

Eventually, the detox treatment really helped Samantha and she was able to focus solely on her recovery.

Eight weeks later, Samantha had completed her program and was released back in to the chaotic world with a whole new attitude. She was determined to stay off the

streets and for the first time in years she wanted to focus on getting her education. The next she went down to the localcommunity center and signed up for .the GED

test. About a week, she was scheduled to take the exam and passed with flying colors. This motivated her to the highest degree and she knew she had to keep going.

She went to the local library to apply for classes at a local community college in Chicago. She wasn't sure of what she wanted to major in but hoping she would be

able to explore different options. She enrolled for the fall semester which was to start three months later. Even though, Samantha was thrilled to be making progress she

was homeless and wanted to get of the local shelters. So, the next day she began going on an extensive job search. On her search, she passed this restaurant that had a

HELP WANTED sign in the window. She went in to speak with the manager and he offered her an on the spot interview. She expressed to him that she had no job

experience but if he would just give her chance she could do the job. The manager was desperate after losing two waitresses the previous day so he hired Samantha on

spot. She left the restaurant feeling inspired and also excited to know that if she worked hard she could leave the shelters and get her own place. After returning to the

shelter that night a bit of sadness came over Samantha. All of these great things were happening for her and her parents were no where around. She needed to talk

about her feelings so she confided in an older woman who lived in the shelter also. The older woman explained that she understood how Samantha was feeling but

that she had to live for her. She also told her that one day she will see her parents again but until then to hold her head high and continue to make progress and she

blessed. Samantha gave the woman a hug and told her Thank You. That was the beginning of a remarkable journey for a young girl who dreams were shattered but were

quicklyrebirthed with determination and courage.

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