If he wants someone to fight for him
He's going to have to learn to fight back.

It's silenced and rejected
I smile and obey without changing my face
I'm excused and I walk out feeling relieved

It's a long day and the noise just won't end
He holds me and whispers words into my ear
I can't take it and I lash out

He walks out and I'm left alone
Thoughts racing in my head:
Would he return?
Would he pretend it never happened?
Should I just turn around and not look back?

But I won't know until he returns
And if he does not return,
i know

It's a silent plea
But tears can't erase our mistakes
Or change our feelings
I don't know what you're feeling 
But I'm a the end of my rope
I'm going to fall
And I know enough not to rely on you
You won't tie a rope at the end 
And help me
You're just here for the ride

I know

To think I would have learned by now.

Submitted: April 09, 2014

© Copyright 2022 GigattGirl. All rights reserved.

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