My beginning, My middle, and my end

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There are three important events in a girls life and one of them happen to be when they fall in love. Three parts to a story and it's all mine. He's everything to me.

Submitted: June 14, 2011

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Submitted: June 14, 2011



My beginning, my middle, and my end.

It's pretty funny how things happen. It's pretty funny how love works. I knew it from the start, but maybe that's because I'm a girl. This guy has a name, but for now let's call him Lyric.

Once upon a time, I met Lyric. The date was Thursday, March 17th, 2011. I didn't know what to think of him, I just knew he was interesting. After a few weeks, I knew I was falling for him. I didn't think that I'd be here with him, right now.

There's one memory that I remember quite vividly. For starters, I am not the girly girl type so I play sports. It keeps me well active. One day, Lyric and I were playing basketball, it was nothing too serious. He was going up for a shot and I jumped and tried to block it. We collided with each other and I started to fall backwards, Lyrics falling towards me. I felt Lyrics hands grip my body in attempt to lessen the hurt. In a matter of seconds, I was laying on the green pavement with my back pressed to the ground and Lyric on top of me. We were still and I saw Lyrics face come closer to mine. Before our lips touched, we both seemed to snap back into reality. Lyric Jumped up and helped me onto my feet. He apologized and asked me if I was okay. We was not dating then, but that was the beginning.

Then, on another day, I will never forget. It was the day when I waited to hear the words a girl always wants to hear, especially when they think the same thing. It was one of the saddest memories of my life but also one of the happiest.

I was with Lyric, we were just hanging out. It was me, Lyric, my friend, and his friend. I received a phone call from my mom. She thought I was in school, in college where I was supposed to be. We were on break but I didn't tell her that. She was nervous and a little sad, I could hear it in her voice. I knew this wasn't going to be good so I stood up and walked to the other side of the room. I knew everyone was looking at me and I didn't know what to do, so I just listened. My mom said that while my dad was in prion, he had passed away.

I remember thinking to myself, "I had a feeling this was going to happen." My dad has been in prison since I was eleven. When I was fourteen, I acquired two new fears. The first fear was irrelavent until I met Lyric. My new fear was that Lyric would disappear, leave without goodbye. Why that is, is another story for another day. Anyway, my second fear that year was never seeing my father again.

It's really ironic now that I think about it. I remember imagining myself with Lyric when I heard the news. It was irony but I guess you could also call it deja vu. When my mom said that, I remember mumbling an okay and hanging up. I couldn't speak and I knew if I spoke to anyone or if anyone said anything, I would burst into tears.

My eyes stung, I was holding the water in my eyes back. I dropped my cell phone and glanced behind me. Everyone was looking at me with concern on their faces. For a minute, my legs wouldn't work so I looked away. I gulped hard and finally found the energy to put one foot in front of the other. I walked out of the door and heard my name. I didn't know who was calling me, I wasn't paying any attention.

I didn't know where to go so I just sat on the steps outside the apartment. I didn't know who was going to come after me, but I knew someone was. I heard the door shut and I heard my name being called, followed by running footsteps abruptly stopping at the sight of me. It was a man's voice, it was Lyric. He asked me what happened as he took a seat next to me. I looked at him with watery eyes. My throat was tight, I wanted to tell him but I couldn't find my voice. I knew he was concerned, he wanted to know, but I couldn't tell him.

Lyric put his arm around my should and tilted my head in the crook of his neck. Tears started to pour out of my eyes. I sobbed salty tears and muffled words came out of my mouth. He understood me, though; he started to say "Shh" over and over again.

Maybe Lyric was saving the words for another time; I don't know why he chose that day and that moment. Maybe he wanted to let me know that I still had him. He said, "It'll all be okay." Lyric made me look him in his eyes, tilted my head upwards. He kissed me on my lips and said that I always had him no matter what. He told me he'll never leave and that he loved me. He kissed me again and sat me on his lap and hugged me. At first I was scared because I didn't want to leave, I didn't want to be disappointed. Little did I know, he wasn't going to disappoint me.

All relationships go through hard times and struggles. Well, that's the ideal thought, a common thought amongst everyone in society. With Lyric, all those "struggles" and all those "hard times" jsut seemed to disappear. Our relationship wasn't one that was rocky and rough, but one that is smooth and compatible. Problems with us were practically non-existent. Everyone wants a fairytale but I could tell you this: we were better than a fairytale.

This next memory, this next moment, didn't start off as romantic. It was a regular day, or so I thought. It was a long day, I remember. The both of us decided to hang around at his house and then maybe we'd go to the beach. Later that day, around seven o'clock, the sun was going to set. We had just gotten out of the water and we started to walk towards the pier. Lyric told me to continue walking there, that he had to go get something.

About five minutes pass before Lyric comes back. I sat there and watched the sunset and felt something warm and dry wrap around my shoulders. I look up and smile at Lyric. Lyric sits behind me, his chest pressed to my back with our legs dangling over the edge of the pier. Lyric wrapped his arms around my waist, his hands on my stomach. I laid my head back onto his shoulder, enjoying the feel of him.

Lyric kissed me on my cheek and nibbled on my earlobe. I remember him repeating the words "I love you" in between kisses. When he stopped, he looked at me with so much love in his eyes. He said my name in the lowest voice. I wondered what was coming next. I didn't know whether to be touched or concerned.

After a short pause, Lyric finally spoke. He pulled out a little velvet box and opened it. Inside was one of the most beautiful diamonds that I have ever laid eyes on. For a moment I was speechless and I could feel his body tense up with anticipation. When I finally found the words to talk, I answered with a yes. Lyric loosened up and I could tell he was relieved.

Now, as I sit here, I can look up at my husband and see our whole lives in front of me. From the day I first met him to now, fifty-three years later. Lyric is the man that I will always love. He is my beginning, my middle, and my end.

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