Reminiscing the Memories

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This is a poem about my former science teacher. He recently passed away and I will miss him so much. He was kind and very funny. I will surely miss the days when I'd walk down the hallway and he'd smile at me and say "Hey, Zarah Smith, my girl. How are you doing?" He'd hug me right after that..

*R.I.P Mr. Robert Madonna. 4.15.12

Submitted: April 16, 2012

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Submitted: April 16, 2012



Reminiscing the memories

Denial clouded my judgement
and shock overtook my heart
when I heard about what happened
and how you did depart

She said those words to me
but I refused to believe
and wanted to find some clarity


And so I heard some words
that almost brought me to tears
because I remember all the moments
and what you'd say just last year

I knew this day would come
but I didn't think it was so near
this is so unfortunate
and that is what I feared

I'm going to miss you, Madonna
and I wish you very well
because I love you with all my heart
and this, the world I will tell

Written: 4.16.12
For: Robert Madonna.

Rest peacefully Mr. Madonna. We'll meet again someday. <3

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