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'Starting over

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[On Hold] "This entire day has been crap. I have just been evicted out of my apartment, my boss fired me, and the guy I thought I loved dumped me. Now I am an emotional mess with no job, no home, and I'm sitting on this roadside with no place to go. To make it that much worse, I have lost all of my belongings and it started to rain. I'm drenched, broken, and alone. Where will I go? Who will I call? What will I do? Oh God, what am I going to do? Wait, I see a car. Maybe they can help me."

Allegra Hastings hasn't had the best luck so far but everything changes when someone decides to help her turn her life around. Allegra insist that she give them something in return but they only ask for nothing. Still, Allegra feels like she has to give them something. Turns out, she has given them something way more important than anything they could have ever asked for.

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