In No Particular Order

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One Acts. We One, first place, moved on to States. One of the best nights of my life. Not my best work, but will get me a high enough grade.

Submitted: April 10, 2012

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Submitted: April 10, 2012




  The judges called out each individaul award. Several to each school. All Cast Acting Award, Excellent Set Design, Interpretive Movements. All of these were important and exciting, but at the same time not. The real importance, our dreams and desires, our blood, sweat, and hours of hard work lied in a small envelope in Deb Macafee’s hands.

“Runner up, Bonney Eagle Highschool.” People stood up and cheered, they took their places on the stage. The rest of us, we waited. We held each other’s hands, each one sweating with excitement. The room exchanged nervous glances and chatters of high hopes. The seats shook as an earthquake of anticipation erupted. Get on with it.

This was the moment. The moment where all of our hardwork either paid off or ended. Months of my life has been dedicated to this cause, here, with all of these people. Our cast and crew, our family, that worked so hard to put on a good show. What an unusual bunch we are. This is the moment of truth.

“Now, the 2012 One Act Regional chapions, the team that will be going on to states. . . Windham High School!” We screamed, we jumped, we through our hands in the hair. Everyone was hugging, crying. The crowed was roaring our praise. We jumped up on stage. We smiled for pictures. With tears streaming down our faces and laughter coming out of our mouths we were overcome with joy. It really happened. After 6 years of “so close” and months of agonizing rehearsals, we got what we came for. I was beaming like the sun, I was floating on a cloud. We did it guys! We made it.

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