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So, this was written for Lawrence's class as an "identification poem." After writing it, I happened to like it. So, here it goes.

Submitted: May 16, 2012

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Submitted: May 16, 2012




I am my parents' work of art. 
They carefully molded the shape of my nose,
Intricately carved the prints in my fingers,
And warmly set fire to my heart.
I toddled my first steps to the beat of their drum. 
Then I took the paintbrush and gave my eyes some color.
I taught myself to dance, and everywhere I went I left a footprint,
And each and every footprint will be seen as mine.
I gave a meaning to my name.
I became Johanna Rayne.
So, what does that mean?
Perhaps to you I am your student,
Quiet on some days.
Perhaps I am your friend,
Wild and crazy and full of spontaneity.
Perhaps I am a stranger with a kind face, 
The girl that makes your heart race, 
But If I disappeared without a trace, 
Would you remember me?
Am I simply the girl with frizzy hair?
The one with the pretty voice, 
Who likes to dress up and be on stage?
The one you see doodling in class
Or humming to herself in the hallway?
Am I simply Jesse’s little sister?
The one who loves the summertime,
Chocolate muffins, and adventures.
The one who falls too easily in love,
And tries to change the world.
Am I simply human?
And sometimes I must ask myself:
Am I as people see me?
Or do people see me as I am?

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