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No, I'm not a drama queen.
No, I'm not emo.
No, I'm not a drama queen.
No, I'm not a cliche.
No, I'm not looking for attention.

You tell me I am, and someone is getting bacon shoved up their nostrils.

This is essentially written to my mom. I screamed at her today, and I don't know why.

Just a question. is this different enough for you sam? Does it make sense? I couldn't be much clearer.

Wow... that sounds really angry. ANGREY TYPING RAWWWRRRR!!!! and no, that wasn't angry, just a question, it's frustrating when people don't understand what I put my heart into. Yay, explination time. And I'm writing this all on a summery to a stupid poem... I'm so contradictory... THAT SOUNDS LIKE DICTIONARY!

Submitted: October 26, 2010

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Submitted: October 26, 2010



Give me a break.
Take me away,
Just take it all away.

Take one to show
And one for the road.
Give me one more tomorrow
To redeem myself.

I know I shouldn't yell,
But I scream to release myself.
And the people wonder what's wrong.
I know I shouldn't...
But I do.
I do because it's louder
Than my brain.

I feel Every Day.
One more chance for
But cowards don't try.
Cowards dream a dream
And wait.
For what?

You tell me "Don't give up
On this place."
Sometimes this world spins
Too fast,
And I get dizzy.
And it kills me to kill you.
I'd rather war with myself.
Less gunpowder.

I don't speak
Because I don't trust myself.
I just might tell you everything.
Which is what you want.

I want to try
Everything I dream.
To talk, to listen, to fly,
To kiss him.
I want to be better
Than myself.

But I'm not prepared to lose.
You can't fail
A game you never played.
My skin falls
With every step of confidence.
I can't make up my mind.

Everything I want to do
Is shot down by my brain.
No. And I can't.
And I don't.

And I'm not your
Attention whore.
And I'm not your
Drama queen.
The last thing I want
Is more eyes to see me.

I don't think life is bad,
And I don't feel alone.
All results
Result on my own.

I feel trapped inside my head,
A fun house and uneven floors.
My emotion will always change.
Losing sanity every day.

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