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short story i wrote last year for the writing competition

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011









Little feet move around, the echo of giggles spread around a hut in a small village in India, Ruby pulls her black long hair in a pony tail, takes her shawl, and raps it around her baby while holding a big bucket in her hand. She departs to the lake, which is located next to their hut, to collect water for her baby’s weekly shower. Even giving her baby a shower requires a lot of effort and time because they live in a really poor community. Ruby believes that her baby changed her life six months ago when she first came to life. No matter how hard it is to take care of her, she will always try her best to give her everything she needs.

Natheer, Ruby's husband, is always busy. He works as a farmer trying to provide his family a reasonable life, which he knows is an impossible thing to do because of the really bad financial situation he is facing. He borrowed money from his friend and promised to give it back when he could, but he couldn't, so his friend sued him a year after.

The sun was shining in the morning. Natheer woke up, washed his face then looked into his baby's glowing brown eyes and gave her a kiss on the forehead. He took his bicycle and rushed to work. Surprisingly, policemen were in the farm waiting for him to show up. When he arrived, they told him he had one week to pay his friend back or he is going to jail. Natheer was devastated; he didn't have that amount of money.

He went home filled with regret and sorrow; he didn't know what to tell Ruby, all he knew was that his baby's life is heading to a total disaster. He laid down on his bed looking at the roof of the hut thinking of his daughter, worried about her future.

When the darkness filled the sky Natheer whispered to Ruby '' Do you think our baby will survive?''. Ruby replied, ''Of course we are both here for her''. Natheer could not hold back his tears. He turned to the other side of the bed with his tear rolling down his cheek as Ruby was wishing him a good night .

The week passed by, leaving one day for Natheer to pay his debts. He did not even bother to think about paying, because he knew he could not afford it. Throughout the week, different thoughts were rushing through his mind. ''Ruby, I do not have any money at all, how are we going to feed the baby?", he said. ''I have been storing food for a while; it will help us survive this week", Ruby replied. ''What about the week after? What about the rest of her life? I do not want her to suffer and live the life we lived. How about we put her up for adoption? Maybe she will live a decent life at least'' Natheer shouted dreadfully. Ruby did not even say a word; she thought Natheer was just going through a nervous breakdown. She took the baby to the small wooden bed Natheer made her and went to sleep. Little did she know, Natheer was serious about his idea. When Ruby fell asleep, he pulled his feet quietly and rapped the baby around his shoulder. He left the hut and walked quietly on the street. Two policemen passed by the neighborhood and saw a man carrying a baby in the middle of the night. Confused at this sight, they went after Natheer. Noticing this, he started running quickly. Unfortunately, the adoption center was too far for him to reach. He spotted a foreign couple about several feet away. He tossed the baby at them shouting, "Take care of her, take care of her!" and he ran as far as his feet could carry him away from the police.

Harry and Kim, the English couple, were startled. Who was this man? Why was he running? What are they supposed to do with this baby?! They took the baby with them to their hotel room while she was crying really hard. They decided they will drop her off at the adoption center the next morning. On the next day, the sun was shining and the baby started to laugh, Kim woke up and hugged the baby and kissed her little red cheeks. While Harry was still sleeping, Kim went to a shop and bought the baby a new pink dress. She never wore a dress as clean and new as this one. She went back to the room, Harry couldn't handle the cuteness of the baby, and he carried her around and played with her. They were ready to go to the adoption center. When they told the taxi to go there he told them that it was closed for a whole week because it was under construction. Kim actually wanted to spend more time with the baby, and so did harry. ''Perfect!'' Harry said ''we'll keep her with us for a week then get her back here before our trip back to London''.

They spent the day at the beach swimming and enjoying their time with the baby. While Ruby spent her day crying and screaming, wondering where her husband and daughter are. Her cousin passed by her hay, he told her that Natheer went to jail after throwing his daughter on the street. Ruby got random thoughts, what if the baby is dead? What if the baby is hungry? She left the Hutt running, looking around and asking everyone but no one had an answer.

A week after, Harry and Kim where getting ready to take the baby to the adoption center. Harry suddenly had an idea' Kim! We always wanted a baby but we never had the chance. How about we adopt this baby?'' .Kim was surprised and happy at the same time '' we will call her Jewels because she's a gift from god, as precious as a Jewel'' she replied. They took her to the adoption center and signed all the papers. Two days after, they were back In London, happy, and with a new baby. Now their little family is complete.

Hugs and kisses were all what Jewels got when she arrived to the house in London with her new parents. Everyone in London was surprised; they thought it was a real miracle. Harry and Kim threw Jewels a baby shower where all family and friends gathered celebrating Jewels joining the family. Jewels' smile filled the air with love; everyone liked her and got her new gifts. Who could imagine that her life would get so extravagant?

Harry was very excited he painted Jewels' new room in pink and got her a new door that had her name printed on it. Kim went shopping and got her new clothes and of course cute pink dresses, she also got her a lot of dolls and teddy bears for her new room. That was a busy week for the parents. They wanted their new daughter to live a perfect loving life.

''Mom come on I need to get the new Sony game that my friend has'' Jewels said. Ten years passed since Jewels was adopted. Her eleventh birthday was going to be held soon in their house; Kim was very excited preparing for it. Jewels turned out to be a very polite girl; she loved her parents and respected everyone. She is now the best student in her class at school.

Kim started preparing for the party, she was hanging balloons everywhere while the new cook was putting the last touches on the cake. Kim entered the kitchen to make sure the cake was ready, she saw grief in the cook’s eyes. “What’s wrong?’’, Kim asked. “ Mam, I was living in a very poor country, my husband died a year ago. I’m just blessed that I’m working here. I never imagined that my life would get any better.’’, the cook replied. “You know we’re here for you and whenever u need anything tell me! Don’t hesitate ’’, Kim said. Then they took the cake and went to the garden where the birthday girl was ready to cut the cake and celebrate. Jewels was standing in the middle as her friends sang happy birthday to her, she had an amazing time. When she turned to hug her mother the cook noticed something, Jewels had the same birthmark her baby had. Yes that was Ruby, she was their new cook! When Natheer got sick she had to travel and work to be able to provide for him and help with his treatment. He died six months after she traveled, so she decided she will stay in England. CAN THAT BE? IS SHE LOOKING AT HER OWN DAUGHTER?

Ruby was shocked. She decided she will get information about Jewels without anyone knowing to find out if Jewels was really her daughter or not. When Jewels got up in the morning and sat to eat breakfast, Ruby sat with her to chat. “Did you like the cake?” Ruby suddenly said. “Duh, my mom chose it.” Jewels replied. “How old are you now?” Ruby said. “I’m eleven.” Ruby remembered that she lost her daughter ten years ago; so this was the first step in knowing who may be her own daughter.

Ruby spent the night staring out her window, thinking about her daughter and praying for her husband. She wondered if she will get the chance to meet her daughter during her lifetime. Jewels knocked on the door ''Ruby make me a sandwich, I'm hungry". Ruby rushed to the kitchen, and made a peanut butter sandwich for Jewels. When Jewels had her first bite, her body started itching. When Ruby noticed that, she ran to get some cream to try to help with the rash. She remembered that her own daughter was also allergic to peanut butter! That was very shocking to her that she even forgot to get the cream.

Jewels' rash got worse and her temperature was high, her mother decided to take her to the hospital and told ruby to come with them in case they needed help. At the hospital Kim was talking to the doctor while her daughter was with the nurse. She told him that Jewels was adopted so they did not know she was allergic to peanut butter. Hearing that, Ruby was shocked. This is for sure her daughter! Her feelings got mixed up, she was happy that she found her daughter and at the same time sad that she lost her before. She was also excited to know about her now. Ruby didn't tell Jewels that she is her mother she did not want to ruin her life. Her daughter lived the life she never dreamed she would ever live. She watched Jewels grow up as she worked as a cook at their house and the friendship grew between them over the years. Ruby was happy to see her daughter every day, safe, happy and being loved.




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