Who Do You Love?

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A 16 year old girl must choose between a guy who is nothing more than a jerk and her best friend.

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



"There," she looked at her painting, it was good enough...for a bowl of fruit. Lily sighed and dunked her paintbrush in the cup.

"Lily, Nick’s here. Get ready and come down," Mom called. Lily could hear the door closing downstairs, and then Nick’s voice. She sighed and walked into the bathroom. She washed her paint-stained hands and ran a comb through her unruly red curls. She grabbed her book bag and dashed downstairs.

When she reached the kitchen, she could see Nick. "Where’s my mom?"

"She left for work, told me she was running late." Nick answered.

Lily glanced at Nick. He was a tall lanky guy. You could never see his blue eyes because they were always hidden behind dark shades. Lily liked that, it gave Nick an air of mystery.

"We’re going to be late soon too if we don’t hurry." Nick commented.

He’s always been there for me, like that time when we got lost in the store when we were five. Or that time when I fell and cut myself. He stayed and comforted me. He’s been a loyal and good friend. I hope we always stay friends, because now I can’t imagine life without him there. Lily thought.

Nick opened the door. "Ladies first."

"Thank you sir." Lily said stepping outside. Nick closed the door and they walked down the sidewalk.

"Mayfair is pretty in the fall," Nick said. He looked around for a pretty flower, one that matched Lily’s lovely green eyes or her silky red hair.

"I’m surprised that you can see anything with those sunglasses on." Lily giggled.

"Hey, the shades make me look even hotter than usual. That’s why girls beg to be in my stately presence." Nick said proudly.

"Not as hot as Danny though." Lily smiled and her eyes twinkled with excitement.

Nick followed her gaze and saw Danny. He groaned softly when he saw Danny was headed towards them.

Danny Crawford was the school’s hottest guy. Smoky gray eyes and sleek black hair. He was tall and muscular, and he was the best quarterback the school had seen in years. Girls would kill to be seen around him even for a second.

"Isn’t he so handsome Nick?" Lily turned to Nick but was surprised to find he was no longer beside her.

"Hey, what are you doing walking alone?" Danny asked her as he drew closer.

Lily was too stunned to speak so she remained silent.

"Come on, walk with me. You’re too pretty to be alone."

Filled with joy she nodded. Danny smiled and drew her along. Nick was entirely forgotten.


Nick leaned against his locker, twirling the red flower he had found on his way to school. People rushed by on their way to homeroom or to lockers. The flower had been meant for Lily but she had been too enthralled with Danny. And he had left too, unable to watch what had promised to be a sickening display. When will she realize how much I love her? Does she know how much I love her laugh or her beautiful green eyes? The way her eyes twinkle when she’s happy, does she know? Nick thought frustrated. All I do know is that I have to and will protect her from Danny even if she never sees my love for her. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. The flower was still in his hand. And he still wanted Lily to have it.

Lily and Carrie walked slowly, talking excitedly. "Did he really ask you to walk with him or you saw him and you walked beside him?" Carrie asked.

"No, he asked me to walk with him. I was walking with Nick to school but he had disappeared." Lily explained. She grinned as she stopped at her locker.

Carrie noticed a blot of red in the vent. "What’s that, Lily?" she pointed at the red spot.

Lily reached for it and pulled out a red flower. "It’s a flower," She looked at Carrie and smiled as the idea occurred to her. "Danny must have put it there, he’s so sweet."

"How do you know Danny put it there? What if it was Nick?" Carrie asked. She forced a smile, for Lily’s benefit.

"Why would Nick do something like that?" she asked. She looked at Carrie, confused.

"I don’t know," Carrie said. She never trusted Danny and she didn’t want Lily to think he liked her.

"I, for one, believe fully that Danny put it there, Nick has no reason to do something like this." Lily said. She looked at the flower and smiled. "I can’t believe Danny Crawford likes me! That’s like a one in a million chance of happening." She added excitedly.

"Ok, now I just think you’re exaggerating," Carrie rolled her eyes.

Lily frowned and turned to open her locker. She pulled the books she needed out. When she finished, she turned to Carrie and said quietly "Let’s go."

Lily twirled around, her white dress, spinning out. She was at home trying on dresses for the dance, the one she hoped Danny would ask her to. She stopped and looked into the mirror. The white complemented her curls and pale skin.

"Guess who’s here, Lily!" Billy, her little brother called out. He barged through the door with James at his side. Lily sighed and grabbed a pillow from her bed. "I'll give you five seconds to get out. 1...2...3...4...5." She tossed the pillow but Billy andJames dodged it and instead hit Nick, knocking his sunglasses awry. "Watch it; you want to hit them, not me." He laughed and fixed his shades.

"Sorry Nick." Lily apologized quickly. She smiled sweetly.

Billy and James laughed and ran out the door chanting "Nicky and Lily sitting in a tree..."

Lily rolled her eyes and shut the door then sat down on her tie-dye bed. "Where did you go this morning?" she asked.

"I ran across the nearest lawn and hopped the fence." Nick answered.

"Why did you leave?" Lily pressed. She wanted to know, she needed to know.

"Well, you were wrapped up with Danny and I suppose you two wanted to walk alone so I left." Nick shrugged haplessly.

Lily smiled shyly. "He asked me to walk with him, and this afternoon he placed a red flower in my locker."

Nick flinched. That definitely wasn’t supposed to happen, should I tell her? And ruin her obvious happiness? He shook his head. "Is that the dress you’re wearing to the dance?"

Lily looked surprised. She stood up and pirouetted before him. "Yes, do you like it?"

Nick looked at her. "You’re pretty enough for Danny."

"Don’t, I asked you if you liked it, not whether I’m pretty enough for Danny."

"Well then you’re absolutely beautiful."

She smiled happily. Nick grinned. "May I have the honor of dancing with Miss. Erickson?"

Lily caught on and said, "I shall give you the honor of dancing with me, good sir."

He offered her his hand and she took it. Nick swept her into his arms and slowly began to twirl around the room.

"I think Danny will enjoy a partner who can dance," Nick mused, "especially when I’m certain he can’t dance."

"Stop it," Lily laughed in spite of herself.

He smiled and looked into her bright green eyes. Lily knew then he was going to kiss her, and not once did she think to refuse him. She closed her eyes and lifted her face for his kiss. Nick leaned his head toward her...

"Lily, open the door! Danny’s on the phone, he wants you!" James banged on the door.

"I’m coming," Lily pulled away from Nick and opened the door. James grinned and handed her the phone.

Nick pushed his shades up nervously. "I better go, it’s late and my mother will start worrying soon." Nick darted out of the room.

"Boy, Lily, you sure know how to scare off guys!" James giggled.

Wedding bells tolled, it was a beautiful sunny day. Flowers decorated the pretty gothic style church. "Ready, my dear?" Mr. Erickson asked. Lily smiled at him and nodded, she looked radiant in her white silk wedding gown and lace veil. They began the march down the aisle to the classic Wedding March. But Lily’s smiled faded. At the alter waited both Nick and Danny, they were arguing and pushing each other out of the way. "No, she loves me, so she’ll marry me!" Danny said pushing Nick away.

"Why would she ever marry an idiot like you?" Nick asked.

"Papa, what do I do?" she whispered worried.

"Choose one, it is your wedding." Mr. Erickson answered.

"Lily, marry me!" Nick called.

"No, Lily marry me, I’m the best for you!" Danny smiled brightly.

"No!" she sat up, Mrs. Ramsey stared at her as did the rest of the class.

"Is there something wrong Lily?" Mrs. Ramsey asked.

Lily looked around, dazed. She was still in the classroom. She sighed and shook her head.

"Let’s continue then," Mrs. Ramsey turned back to her book.

Lily sighed and thought back to last night. It bothered her that she had wanted Nick to kiss her, more than she had ever wanted a kiss from Danny. I can’t do this, I don’t know what to do. Danny or Nick? It’s so confusing . I can’t choose. She thought. I can’t choose between them. Never. She buried her head in her arms , tuning Mrs. Ramsey out. Nick or Danny? The question annoyed her, and wouldn’t leave her alone. It soon gave her a headache. Lily dared to look up at the clock and groaned inwardly as she saw it was only 1:30.

"Class dismissed." Mrs. Ramsey said, a half hour later. To Lily, it was a blessing. She walked quickly, wanting nothing more than to go home.

"Lily, wait!" Lily turned around to see Danny.

"Danny," she smiled brightly. He smiled and looped an arm around her shoulders.

"How are you?" he asked.

"Good enough," she answered. A few cheerleaders walked past, Danny turned his eyes toward them and grinned when several blushed and turned away.

"Danny?" Lily looked at him, somewhat angry that he had stared at the cheerleaders.

"Oh, uh I was just...well I wanted to ask...if you would go to the dance with me. All my other friends are going with their girlfriends."

Lily’s eyes widen when she realized he had called her his girlfriend. "Yes, yes of course I’ll go with you." She said excited.

"Great, I’ll pick you up around 6:00. That good with you?" he smiled. Lily nodded, happy that the decision she could not make was made for her. Danny Crawford’s girlfriend, the simple wonder and joy of it could not be measured.


"The gym looks amazing, even though it’s not finished yet." Lily said as she and Carrie walked through the doors.

"Yeah, I know. I was the one who had to help decorate it." They walked to the table that had unfinished decorations on it. "We’ll be working here, you finish the hearts and I’ll complete my banner."

After a while Carrie smiled as she painted the last heart on her banner. "Who has asked you to the dance Lily?"

Lily looked up for her tissue paper heart and grinned "My boyfriend Danny, who else?"

Carrie groaned and took up a heart from the pile. She wrote two names and held it up. "Nick and Lily. You two were made for each other. The whole school knows it!" Carrie’s eyes went wide with indignation.

"What do you mean by that?" Lily asked. She looked down at her heart.

"How come you can’t see it but others can? And that red flower that you found in your locker, it probably came from Nick and you know it! But you were too happy because of Danny to see it! You treat him like a best friend when he probably loves you!" Carrie said. She looked at Lily and sighed. "Look I can tell Danny that you decided to go with Nick so you won’t have to."

"No, I don’t want to go with Nick. He doesn’t love me, and if he did he probably told me by now."

"Guys don’t want to tell girls they’re in love with them. They usually wait until the girls finds out on their own. Go with Nick, at least give him a chance."

"I-" Lily stopped then continued. "I just can’t!" she left hurriedly. Carrie stared after her dismayed.


Later that night, Lily slipped into her beautiful white dress. She did up her hair, putting in a golden flower. She looked at herself in the mirror and sighed. Could Carrie be right or was she just trying to protect her? She sighed. "Lily! Danny's here." her mother called from the living room. Hurriedly, she dashed past her mother with a quick good bye and climbed into Danny's car. "Hey, babe, you look hot. Much hotter than that chick I was planning on asking."

"Thanks, Danny." She settled into her seat. The sweet Danny from yesterday was obviously gone. She sighed. For the rest of way to the school, neither talked. They had nothing in common so why talk?

Upon entering the gym, he left her to talk to some cheerleaders. Lily looked around for someone, anyone to talk to but saw no one.

Nick saw her from across the room. He could tell her apart from everyone there. Danny was over in a corner, talking to some girls."Jerk." Nick muttered to himself as he walked to Lily's side.

Looking up, she saw her best friend by her side. She sighed with relief. "Nick, I'm so glad you're here!" She smiled up at him.

"Lily, you look beautiful tonight, more so then ever." Nick whispered. His eyes darted from her to Danny.

"Thank you Nick." Lily whispered back. She was glad that it was too dark for him to see her blush.

"How about a dance Lily?" He held out his hand.

"Don’t you think Danny will be angry?" She looked at him, wanting nothing more than to dance with him.

"No, and if he does who cares?" Nick said defiantly. Lily smiled and took his hand. He drew her onto the dance floor, where a slow song had started.

"I still want my kiss from the night before." Nick commented casually.

Lily laughed softly, "You’re not getting a kiss."

"Really? You can be so cruel hearted."

"One kiss then, just one and I’ll decide if you get another." Lily lifted her face for his kiss, Nick leaned down...

"Hey! Chandler, let go of my girl!" Danny yelled. Nick pulled himself from Lily and looked over.

"Well, I'm glad that you showed some interest in her." Nick grinned, angering Danny even more. "But I'm so sorry. Lily deserves better than you. And I'm not letting you touch her."

Danny crossed the room quickly. He reached Nick, everybody watched, wondering what he was going to do. Nick stood defiant. His dark sunglasses didn't allow for anyone to see the burning anger. "Go on." Nick taunted.

Danny punched him hard in the stomach, but amazingly Nick didn't fall. He took a deep breath and laughed. "That all you got, I thought you'd be more of a challenge."

Lily watched, her eyes filled with fear. She had never seen this side of Nick before. And she knew him best. Danny landed an angry blow to Nick's face. He fell, blood pouring from his shattered nose and the cuts glass from his shades had gouged. Teachers surrounded Danny but not before he kicked Nick in the stomach. "That's all you got?!" He yelled as he was escorted out.

Nick escaped from the gym before any teacher could get to him. It was raining. "God," He let cool rain touch his searing face. He heard a door close behind him. Turning around, he expected a teacher but saw Lily. He sighed. "Sorry, guess I pushed it a little far."

"A little? You're bleeding. Mrs.McCray called the police. Why?"

Nick turned away from her. "Guess I did it because I love you."

"You love me and you pushed Danny to the point he'd hurt you." Lily couldn't understand him sometimes.

"Guess I'm stupid too. Now I have to wait for the police."

"I love you too." Lily said softly.


"I love you."

Nick turned to her. He was bloody and didn't want to ruin her dress. "Sorry."

Lily smiled. "I forgive you."

Nick turned to the gym. "I wonder what trouble I got myself into. Let's go inside." He took her hand and sighed.


Nick stood outside the school. He hadn't been arrested , but he was nearly expelled. But his parents had told the school if he did anything like that again, he would be sent to military school. The school agreed to that and suspended him for four weeks. Danny was expelled. His face still hurt but it was worth it. All for the girl he loved. He smiled as Lily walked toward him, a glow surrounded her. She's an angel, my angel.He thought fondly as he took her hand in his.

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