Hunger Games Book Review

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A Personal Opinion of the Hunger Games Series

Submitted: June 01, 2011

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Submitted: June 01, 2011



I loved the Hunger Games series. The books were addictive and the storyline was interesting. I was disappointed in the last book though. It was like the author was trying to kill off the main characters and end the book quick.


In my personal opinion...

Katniss should not marry the man who tried to kill her. Even is Peeta was Hijacked she still shouldn't marry him. Katniss should've ended up with Gale.

Prim should not have been killed.

Finnick and Boggs shouldn't have died

Katniss never should've been stopped. She should've gone all the way to the President's mansion and killed Snow.

Katniss shouldn't have killed Coin

All in all the series was good but the books did not seem to end right.

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