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I wrote this tonight, while i was bored.

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012




Can a winter night get any darker

Stay for a bit why don't you

No, don't go Parker.

I have business to attend to

The wine was great,

I bid you Adieu.

The door closes with a loud screech

You can hear the engine roar

Oh, you selfish leech.

Where have you been dear?

At the bar, with friends, or at the races

Another white lie, a fresh fallen tear.

Can a morning sun get any brighter

The morning aroma

The lies getting whiter

A dog walking blindly

After work to his second home

Take the glass kindly 

Stubborn phone, why ring now

Who is that parker?

Wipe the sweat off that shivering brow

Nervously he said, no one

A desperate girls labryinth of a mind

It's no longer fun.

Parker, why must you leave so fast

I have something to say

Let's leave the future in the past.

Could a dull candle get any dimmer,

You're house isn't the one i'm supposed to be in

Her eyes began to shimmer

Parker, oh parker you beast say it isn't so

There's another?

the wolf began to show

To the closet she ran

With parker in mind

Don't do it Anne.

Can the abandoned cave get any more grim?

The sheep's been silenced

She'll really miss him.

But she didn't miss

A steady hand

Sealed with a kiss

Of gun powder and hate

Parker didn't go home that day

even an assured heart can debate.

© Copyright 2018 GilbertNogalski. All rights reserved.

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