fluffys reverse theft auto

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a fun and scary mystery story no animals just funny names

Submitted: November 24, 2014

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Submitted: November 24, 2014



Fluffys reverse theft auto

Wow this book fair is the best party and everything wait party I said?

Stop the party said fluffy senior!

K said DJ

My car keys were stolen said fluffy senior

Mine to said bobert and also mine said Mr. Boss

Well fluffy JR we have a mystery on our hand I said jumping up and down.

First did anyone leave the party DJ I said

Yes Joe did and fluffy senior and MR. Worker DJ said

Well let’s find them I said running out the door

Fluffy senior was hailing a cab angrily when I saw him then he got a cab and left like he was hiding something. Hmm I thought he might be a thief.

The next day on my way home from school it was a warm winter day when I saw 4 figures at the insurance company and I saw 3 of them complain about stolen cars and 1 cashier when I thought it might be insurance fraud so I ran home and got on the phone and called MR and MS. Worker and I called Joe and I got fluffy senior from upstairs and we went to the library where we met up with June.

June was a judge and was my uncle so I thought I could trust him and called him to come and help me.

MR and MS. Worker were at home and fluffy senior said he was sleeping but how was fluffy senior sleeping when he left.

Later that day I saw fluffy senior bobert and MR. Boss had brand new cars I guess they had insurance

\"Description:Well I thought I was wrong when I saw a gang of adults rob fluffy JR then I got a closer look at them and it turned out to be Joe fluffy senior and MR. Worker I was shocked I planned to tell someone but then Robert came and told me there was a party at his house now so I went I was rarely invited to parties but it wasn’t a party

 it was bobert fluffy senior MR. Boss and MR. worker what were they doing then they moved aside and I saw there was something under a sack so I lifted it up and I saw fluffy JR he was kidnapped

the kidnappers where tying themselves up and were calling the police I suddenly knew what was going on I was going to be framed I panicked and ran around screaming with fear in my eyes that’s when the police arrived they said they thought better of me but it turned out I was the thief they said. That’s when they untied everyone and fluffy JR said I didn’t do it I was so relived but he didn’t say anything else I don’t know why but suddenly a figure in a mask appeared and tied me up I thought this is the cuprite and I was given some knockout gas I don’t remember what happened next but I passed out

when I awoke there were a few of these masked men then I saw I was at the industrial docks and I saw they were getting in a van suddenly I knew it was my chance and I ran for it luckily I got to the night guard in time but the kidnappers were nowhere to be seen

the next day I went back to the docks and looked around and I saw a few clues there was some white powder so I took it home and analyzed it on my computer later I figured out it was a drug and I saw I was using it I was so scared but I then figured out after 24hours of the first dose you stop being addicted and I saw that was 1 day wasted but I found it was a 1 of a kind drug and I saw who bought it. It was Robert but how I thought but then I realized I never saw him but who were the other people suddenly I saw smoke and heard sirens Donkeys house was on fire and I saw it donkey and Robert and DJ what was he doing suddenly I fell and saw a blurry figure carrying me

I though not again when I woke up I was in the bank vault and I was being arrested and I was so confused with people shouting and booing me I reacted and attacked the police and charged at the crowd when a black van pulled up and I was taken suddenly

I saw fluffy seniors boberts and MR. Bosses cars with sirens on them chasing the van I was in suddenly I was hauled out and the kidnapers were holding me making the police pay ransom but then I saw they were paying for fluffy JR who ran as soon as the kidnappers got the money I was confused but he grabbed me and put me in the van OW I screamed out of everything that had happened today this was the worst suddenly I was pushed out and hit the road and I was almost ran over. I was hauled into an ambulance and was handcuffed I told them everything and they un cuffed me and I wasn’t in trouble when I was healthy I went to where they took me and the police followed me and I found the cars that were stolen

I solved this mystery and I proved donkey was doing insurance fraud and he was arrested Robert and DJ were also arrested for kidnapping and fluffy JR was taken into custody. Well I guess 3 people I thought I knew were spies and some of them criminals.  


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