Belated Justice and a Swift End.

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A fight between two warriors ending only when the other dies.

Submitted: July 14, 2013

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Submitted: July 14, 2013



Belated Justice and A swift end.

This was written based on the song Honor For All from the Dishonored OST so listen to it while reading this.

He lay there, his tanned skin bruised and bloody, and his light brown hair caked wih dirt and blood.  He tried to sit up but a spliting headache forced back down to the ground his vision blurred and his ears rang.  He pulled his hand from where it lay and put it to his forehead trying to soothe the pain.  staring into the stars trying to soothe his aching head he saw the stars move and take shape, they became people.  They stood opposite one another and then charged dissapearing as they reached eachother.  He again tried to sit up the pain in his head having died down.  Upon sitting up he was greeted with the sight of another, tall and clad in armor this one turned to him and pushed a sword to his throat.  A guttural growl escaped their lips as they started to back away allowing him room to stand and he did, shakily at best but it was still standing.  The opposing warrior stood tall almost statuesque compared to the trembling boy across from him.  He raised a sword in his left hand that was longer than the one in his right hand and threw it into the ground by the boys feet, he gaciously took it  and used it to support his weight for the split second before the other warrior kicked the blade from under him causing his weight to go forward completly.  Stumbling he tried to straiten himself out by plunging his sword into the ground ahead of him the hilt pushing into his stomach causing him to retch and wheeze.  His opponent almost with in-human speed was upon him again brining their elbow down unti his back, the polished silver plates almost crushing him under their weight alone and forcing him onto the hilt more the polished saphire in the pummel almos breaking through his armour to his stomach.  He kicked th blade away again this time grabbing it before he got too far away and pulled him close and the boy saw his chance and he grabbed it ripping his blade backwards and thrusting forwards piercing the plate and the warrior through and through causing them to stumble.  He pressed the blade harder inte their leg pusshing to the hilt and forcing the blade into the ground below effectivley pinning them.
He kneeled next to the pinned warrior throwing himself backwards just in time to miss a swing from his blade. When he pulled back for a second swing the boy grabbed his opponents wrist and ripped the sword away, he moved his hands upwards to the elbow and bent it inwards snapping the steel plates and the arm itself.  An ear piercing scream rang from out of the warriors helmet giving away who they were. He let the arm fall to the ground with the clanking of the metal and the sickening crunc of the broken bone.

He crawled to sit by his opponents head.From inside the helm he could here the soft sobs of the warrior, ripping the helm away he revealed her face her pale skin only made paler in contrast to her deep silver eyes and hair as dark the night that reached just barley to her shoulders.  The expression he had been wearing changed from victory to pure disgust.  "Cecelli?"  He was clearly shaken at the sight of her.  She gave him a weak smile in return before using her good arm to pull the sword from her leg biting her lip all the way through.  Once she was free of the blade that pinned her she forced herself to her feet leaving the boy on the ground and only spoke to him when she was standing in front of him and her voice came out calm and melodic despite her wounds "Sano.  Now where were we?".  She walked over to where she had dropped her sword and picked it up again.  As if by a miracle her wounds all started to close and heal.  He almost slaped himself when he remembered Sano meant heal in the ancient tongue.

They again started circling one another the boy not wanting to fight any longer and Cecelli stood ready to take his life.  She charged her blade raised to chest height.  He bareley moved to avoid the blade sinking it into his shoulder instead of his heart where she had hoped for it to strike.  He stiffled a cry of agony instead making it a low growl.  She twisted the blade and charged forward more pushing the blade deeper and him back with it.  Stopping just before the plateu edge she held him.  Just before the plateu edge he moved forward to embrace his only family left.

She pushed him back his footing slipping sending him over the edge.  He looked into her eyes one last time before he started falling he spoke to her just above a whisper "Mortem."  Her eyes grew wide and started to close becoming heavy with each of her now shuddering breaths.  Dropping to her knees her last sight being her brother falling from the plateu a sickening crunch resonating from below.  "Ignis."  The once proud warrior queen burst into flames.  The fire itself screamed with delight as it ate away at her flesh and reduced her bones to ash.  Another aproached where she once was stopping only to scoop up her ashes before turning to leave in an extravagent flash of light and swirling colors.

"They've always said that when a Queen dies a witch is born."
It feels good you know?  To finally tell put this down into words.  The battle itself has raged in my mind for countless years now.  But it was all worth it for when I returned home to Dess I learned that my wife was with child.  And when she was born she had the silver eyes that I had once fallen in love with long long ago...

A/N  Hi guys!  This was a story I kept meaning to put out for quite some time now.
So the ending makes little to no sense right?  Good.  It will all be explained when I start work on the sequel story and such.  Anyways this was my first story that I EVER wrote waaaaaay back in grade school so thanks for reading.  Reviews appreciated!


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