The Last words of a Great man

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A man and his friend are left to die in a crumbling city and are searching for one another until their last breaths.

Submitted: July 30, 2013

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Submitted: July 30, 2013



The Last words of a Great man.

Rhys Dolan.

Grey outlines of this once great city were all that was left. The fading life from his eyes saw it. the greed, the corruption, the pain. A simple life was all he asked for not the life he has. The pain he endured was enough for him to want it to end, but not like this not alone. Not anymore. The last time he had seen any of them they had all chosen to leave him except for one... His only true friend who was nowhere to be found. But its alright hes excepted it now sitting in the crumbling skyscraper the walls around him blown out giving him a view of all the city around him.



A low buzzing and a small vibration broke him free of his thought and brought him back into the grasps of reality, he answered the ringing phone at his side answering it without looking at the name of the caller. "Dallas! Thank god I thought you went up with the building." The deep voice of his friend growled over the phone. "Are you still at the top?". Yea... I'm still up here." He replied in a meek and pained voice. "Okay I'm climbing the stairs now, just hang in there.". The phone call ended leaving him wrapped in silence again looking over the broken skyline. Buildings were crumbling if not fallen leaving a jagged outline of the broken buildings.



The door flew open quite easily to his surprise with the amount of debris surrounding the area he expected it to not give way so easily making him think something was going wrong because as they all know anything easy comes with a heavy price. He stepped across the thresh hold into the bombed out building. A quick look around and he realized, he was atop the wrong skyscraper his friend adjacent to him. He removed the phone from his trousers and dialed the number. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven,: I'm sorry but your call has been transferred to an automated messaging machine. "Sorry I couldn't make it to the phone but I'll try and call back as soon as possible and if not call me again. See 'ya bye." The phone beeped signaling the machine was now recording. "Hey mate..." The words caught in his throat as the tears behind his eyes had. "This is Marco. I know you can't call me back now and I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry..." He dropped the phone and then to his knees he cried the phone still recorded this playing through the other line.



The sobs came through the speaker of his phone which he clutched to his chest against his grey and green stripped tee. Tears rolling down his own cheeks dragging dirt with them creating white streaks down his face. The building groaned signaling a collapse was coming. He looked up into the sky his vision had blurred too much already hiding the sunset from his now tired eyes.

He smiled and passed from this world...



The building groaned again and the structure fell. Glass shattered, steel beams flew from the shockwave as it hit the ground with enough force to break into it. And even in his head Marco could hear Dallas's voice forgiving him.

He could hear the voice of a once great man forgiving him time and time again until he turned old and his hair grey and too passed from this world.



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