The fall of a hero
we know of them



You think you’re nice you think your great

You even tell this to your best mate

You never get into trouble or strife

but you have been know to beat your wife

Your heart is dark your soul is bitter

you even hit onto the baby sitter

To the entire world you’re a great chap

to her head you could give a great clap

As for the children you better watch out

he may use them in a sparing bout

But to see him in public they would not know

 how foul and miserable he can land a blow

Till one day when strength you’ve got

you’ll  rid yourself of this nasty lot

To the entire world he is seen as a hero

but to you and me he is known as a zero

For you

Stan Rubin 28/06/12

Submitted: July 05, 2012

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