There is a beginning

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As you may see i have written a few on life’s journeys
This is the tree stages of life as i see it

Submitted: July 04, 2012

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Submitted: July 04, 2012





There is always a start and always an end

you hope in-between you make a good friend

It all begins with an expanding girth

and your dear mother finally giving birth

If you are lucky your dad will be near

failing that he’ll be off having a beer

From the moment your born life picks up its pace

please save me from aunties who want to pinch my face

There is a moment when you stop being cute

I’ll tell you the truth its when you do a great poop

As time goes by you continue to astound

your knowledge expands with leaps and bounds

As you grow and get wiser and older

all your action become extremely bolder

From just barely crawling on the floor

to running headlong into the door

We see you plan your great escape

I better go and fix that front gate

The next big step and I’m no fool

is when you finally go to school

Now your life is starting to accelerate

you better run you don’t want to be late

It’s now that the sponge begins to fill

the knowledge you gain makes me feel like a dill



The years go by at an amazing pace

you know why we are called the human race

Pretty soon it’s all over

life is not about living in clover

Now it is time to use want you did learn

so now you can spend all the money you earn

Thing can get complicated in this life

it’s all you can do to stay out of strife

You are tempted with drugs and things that are wrong

and tend to smoke stuff that you can put in a bong

Your world is slowly going down the tube

you start to get nasty and quite rude

The dugs and the alcohol take their toll

your stupid actions make your friends eyes roll

How much longer will it take

for you to realise that you are fake


All this action at a great pace

you finally fall down flat on your face

Your body is torn your mind is fried

its no wonder we all thought you had died

They tell us there’s not a lot they can do

we put to rest  the body that once was you

its hard to believe that I out lived my son

why did it happen to my loved one

There is a beginning and there is an end

please heed this warning my dear friend

Look and listen to your dear child

and do watch out he may grow wild.


Stan Rubin 2011


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