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A conversation between a man seeking answers, and man seeking to answer them.

Submitted: October 26, 2012

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Submitted: October 26, 2012



You have visited throughout the cosmos, seen countless civilizations on countless stars. Have you ever seen two species as similar in appearance as the Humans and us? Alas, you left our dying planet when you were just an infant, and perhaps it was intentional that your father never shared this with you, but on our planet, we have always known the truth of our origin. We came to this world - from Earth.

It was over 11 thousand years ago. Our Human ancestors had discovered an area in the Earth, where space itself behaved abnormally. For over hundreds of years, wise people gathered around from all the corners of the world to study this tear in space. They soon learned that the anomaly was occurring because of a connection which occurred between Earth, and another planet – our planet. Through study of the life cycles of the rift, closely examining and timing the peaks in activities, our ancestors managed to predict a specific point in time, with the alignment of the stars, where they could manipulate the rifts, and open up a portal large enough to engulf a small island. Within seconds, our ancestors, about 25 thousand of them, were no longer inhabitants of Earth.

They were the first Kryptonians.

They arrived on a barren world, but with a perfectly habitable atmosphere, and a beautiful dimly glowing, large red star in the sky. All across the planet, massive formations of crystals seemed to be the dominant life form, if you call them that, with formations growing to the size of continents. Apart from the crystals, there was the sea. A massive sea, similar to the size of Earth’s sea, but of sweet water. This sea has provided for our people since the beginning with an endless bounty of water, and the most delicious fish you have eaten in your life. It was a paradise.

Our ancestors began to settle, shaping the crystal soil into homes, towns and eventually cities and metropolises. As our people settled this land, we began to learn the qualities of this mysterious crystal. Soon, our people could shape the crystal at will, causing it to grow in shapes that we desired. We could form the most massive structures, and the most minute. The crystal was our clay, and we were the masters of it, and therefore masters of the world.

For generations, our people’s life expectancy had improved exponentially. At first, illness and disease become very rare, then they vanished completely. People would still age, but with every passing generation, our people would live for about 25% longer than the previous generation. Today, the average life span for a Kryptonian on Krypton has settled at about 4500 of your Earth years.

- On Krypton?

Yes, on Krypton.

- Not Earth?

We’ll get to Earth.

The point is, no one really knew why. The “Effect” as we called it, had other implications as well. It enhanced our physicality significantly. We were more stern, impervious to skin defect, obesity, genetic defect. Our brain function seemed to improve dramatically throughout the entire population. This fact not only made violence and biased hate practically a thing of the past, but it also breed perhaps one of the finest civilization the cosmos had ever seen.

Eventually, one of our scientists discovered, while peering into the nano-universe, tiny shards were finding their way into our bodies. Not only our bodies – every living thing in the ocean was riddled with these fragments as well. These fragments were tiny – each only a few hundreds of atoms wide – but the function they could perform was something beyond incredible. Each fragment would travel throughout our bodies, searching for the smallest problem on the sub-cellular level, and repairing any damage to better than new. Billions of these fragments were coursing through each of our bodies, making us stronger in every way. It seemed the source was the massive crystal which we thought was nothing more than the land we live on. The fragments in our body would sustain themselves from the light of our red sun.

Studying the crystal on the nano-level became extremely popular after this. It was discovered that the crystal, when manipulating it on the smallest levels, can unlock many secrets of the universe – including the very secret which allowed us to arrive to our world in the 1st place - Warping space. We learned that concentrating energy in specific points, and specific frequencies can cause space to bend, and allowed us travel at great speeds – even beyond the speed of light and to other stars throughout the cosmos.

Throughout the ages, the location of the Earth remained a mystery to us. We had no control over the arrival process, and therefore had no real way of knowing where the portal would take us. Our people have been scouring the skies for thousands of years, trying to find this tiny Earth, circling this tiny yellow star. Most were fascinated to learn what had become of the civilization we had left behind, to study our past even further, and perhaps discover more of the origin of our species. Some however, had other motives.

When a star burns yellow it puts out energy in a certain wave length which the crystal fragments in our bodies can process most efficiently. This enables them to absorb and release energy at a much higher capacity. The result is… well, I suppose you know what the result is. Your strength and formidability comes from the crystals enhancing your cells and muscles. Your ability to defy gravity comes from the crystal’s traits with space manipulation. This also enhances your strength and speed. Before our planet died, we used yellow stars as stations for where manual labor was required, specifically asteroid mining. We would move entire asteroid belts to revolve around yellow stars. However, no habitable planet which orbited such a star has ever been found. Some would want to find the Earth, and use this power it gave us to rule over the population there as slave labor.

Only the most fringes of groups believed this, and the high council decreed that should the Earth ever be found, such actions would be outlawed, enforced and condemned with the most extreme punishments under Kryptonian law.

Then, about 90 years ago, your father found the Earth.
Nothing was the same after that day.

Almost overnight, dozens of factions arose, each carrying a different banner regarding what action should be taken with this discovery. Most called for different approaches in contact with the Earth. Some wanted to reveal themselves to the Earth, while others believed our existence should be hidden from the Humans. Few of the factions believed that the best approach was to altogether disregard the discovery and have no contact with the Earth whatsoever. One faction, led by one of our peoples most achieved generals, Zod, believed that the Earth must be conquered and ruled. As debates inflamed, and diplomacy crumbled, it became clear to all what was coming. For the 1st time in our civilization, and in over 11 thousand years, our people were at war.

The war lasted 57 years, and engulfed 13 star systems. As the chaos swept the cosmos, cities were left in ruins, and countless men, women and children lost their lives. It was when the war intensified on Krypton that things became dire. In a desperate move, General Zod lead a strike force with a horrible weapon – one which was able to deplete a stars energy, causing it to explode into a supernova within a few weeks. The target was Krypton’s red star. Zod was cornered, and decided that the only way to force the Kryptonian people to move to Earth, was to make sure Krypton was no more. He was wrong.

Out of the shame of the destruction of their own civilization, all the factions unanimously decided to avoid all contact with the Earth, and sustain what life they could on neighboring barren worlds. General Zod was exiled, sentenced to roam the voids of space trapped with his lieutenants for the rest of time. The end came sooner than expected, and most the population had not yet evacuated. Over 80% of our entire population was lost that day. Your parents were among them.

Fearing that one day, the Kryptonians would rise in desperation and advance towards the Earth, your parents forsake their own lives to send you on a ship towards the Earth. Their hope was that you grow up as one of them, learn to love them, and one day defend them if need be. Your father carried the guilt of setting the spark which led to this war, and the end of this civilization. He could not bear the weight of the end of two.

Life on the outer colonies was difficult without the epicurean plenty which Krypton provided. Crystal technology became scarce, and so we began making due with makeshift technologies, similar to those found today on Earth. About 15 years ago, we approached the very last supplies of our crystal based technology. The main thing this meant was that the window to use warp technology, and specifically reaching Earth, was closing. Some made attempt at escaping with warp ships. It is unclear how many the military succeeded to stop.

- You said before that a Kryptonian living on Krypton will live for about 4500 years. How long will that be over here?

So long as you live under a yellow sun, you will never age or grow weary. In fact, there are very few things in universe which could thwart a Kryptionian near a yellow sun. There are some things though, and I believe you have encountered one of them – the green crystal. It was created by the supernova’s shockwave as it crushed our planet. As the crystal continents were being destroyed, some of the denser parts managed to stay intact. Nevertheless, the sheer magnitude of an event such as a supernova corrupted the crystal, and altered its behavior. When it gets near us, it puts out a signal which the crystal fragments in our body perceive, and causes them to behave erratically – as if they are hearing a shrill scream. They begin collapsing, corrupting our bodies in the process. Once we are moved sufficiently away from the green crystals, the fragments immediately resume their normal function and repair what damage they caused a moment before in mere seconds.

- But there are other things that can harm a Kryptonian near a yellow star?

One of these things will be here soon. We need to prepare.

- Prepare for what? What’s coming?

An army of Kryptionians.

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