The Vampire Assasin

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The undead walk amongst us – vampires. These blood thirsty beast have existed and evolved for over 100 millennia. They subsist by feeding on the blood of animals and humans.
I am the vampire assassin. I kill them!
Any questions?

The off campus café is bustling with students and facility members from the University of Virginia. I’m on my third cup of expresso. I’ve been sitting here for exactly 42 minutes and counting.

My target is the long-haired guy towards my left. The one who looks way too excited about his study date.

I’ve been tracking the blood thirsty turnie for two years, and finally caught up with him here, in Charlottesville, yesterday. From what I’ve gathered, he’s going by the name Stephan Harris and is a literary arts major. It seems he’s also taken to snacking on sophomore book club members.

A saw-toothed carbon steel knife, plated in silver, rest hidden in my waist band. It feels ominously cool against my bare skin. It was blessed by a Vatican priest – at least that’s the story I was told when it was gifted to me.

Contrary to popular folklore, turnies aren’t adverse to the sun. They’re physically less strong than pure bred vampires, and they must feed once per week, or twice with prolonged daylight exposer.

54 minutes and counting. I hate waiting, no loath would be a better word. “I’m really going to enjoy impaling this undead monster.”

Submitted: June 24, 2017

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