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The basic goal of every family is to live harmoniously and happily. A happy family is achieved when members willingly do considerations, sharing and understanding. But most of all, parents need to understand their children and their desire for them. Success therefore, of the families rest mostly upon a father which has a great responsibility in providing the needs of his family. The income is an important matter.
Considering, fishing as a major source of livelihood, where the income is not fixed because a fisherman can not always go fishing daily or regularly. There are some factors that causing to it: such as when there is bad weather, fisherman has no enough capital in purchasing a gasoline for his motor boat, and the most important is the unavailability of of fish in the fishing area.

Fishing can be a sport and a source of livelihood. In a certain place in Iligan City, Philippines known as Barangay Tambacan, a survey and research had been made by the author. According to the fishermen in this place, the above-mentioned factors are causes of their low income. Some fishing areas have already because of the presence of many factories and industries, since the city is known as an industrialized city of southern Philippines. Imperfectly, some waste products from the factories may drain and flow in the sea which makes the water polluted.
Aside from water pollution, fishermen claimed that they are using old equipments and methods of fishing and many were using banca ( paddled boat) and others were using old motor.

Bases on the findings of the study, I therefore, conclude that the income of fishermen in this place is not enough to provide the needs of their family, many of their children could not proceed to college studies due to insufficient income. Money is very important to every person, especially nowadays the prices of the commodities and goods rising exceedingly. Most of these fishermen did not attain higher educational attainment and their wives find also some ways when their husbands could not go fishing due to bad weather. Wives went to the market to buy and sell fish, other accept works like repairing destroyed nets, driving and finding some labors especially in the market place.

Submitted: October 07, 2012

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Submitted: October 07, 2012



Iligan City is found in the northern part of Mindanao.  It is known for its amazing waterfalls.  An industrialized city of southern Philippines.

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