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God entrusted man all the things HE created
With all the birds singing trees swaying
River water flowing tenderly, in a crystal and loving sea
Mountains whispering its cheerful wind
How wonderful and magnificent the earth HE made

But oh! man a steward of these things
You ruin everything
Waste products you made and gathered
Pollutes the air and water
Trashes catch by the ditches
Dwell and stay forever

When heavy rains are on its way
Finding paths to run away
But oh! its full of alien things
Where plastic bags and bottles live
Alas! water overflow and reign
Which causes flood and turmoil.

It was a stormy night when I attended a party
Not waiting for the lights to shine and for the music to play
I hurriedly back home for the rain fell heavily
Take a nap and suddenly have fallen into sleep

I woke up at 8 a.m. to prepare myself for church worship Heard whispering voices which confused myself
I left my home and took a ride on a jeepney
I was amazed seeing the ruin in the city

People shouting, screaming and crying
For the pain they have experienced
Losing their loved ones and the whole family
For the death occurs in the big part of the city

Many people shouted for the cause of the catastrophe
The nature was devastated by the people themselves
For they cut trees and mismanage their waste
Causing seven of my relatives died in this tragedy

It's hard to live in this world when you are hurdling with repeated problems such as losing of homes and loved ones due to floods and landslide which you know that some causes are illegal logging, mismanagement of household and industrial wastes. It's not not yet the end of the world, start saving our earth today by not throwing your waste in the river and sea; stop illegal logging and immature cutting of trees and plant a right seed in your yard and garden as you sow love and care in SAVING OUR PLANET EARTH.

Submitted: October 02, 2012

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Submitted: October 02, 2012




The noblest profession on earth anyone can proclaim
He devotes his time to teach them write and read
Teaching them how to obey and respect
When no one seems to love and care
He handles them with all their uniqueness
Playing his learners to feel the love in him
Sad and lonely when others have not taken meals
Even cries and shed tears when some misbehaving
He passes brooks, muddy rocks and even cleft of the rocks
Carrying with him all the things and heavy stuff
To feed and nourish their intellect and physical
Indeed, to fulfill his mission given by GOD.

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