The Ink, The Pen, and the Paper

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a story of betrayel of Gods love.

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



The ink spills down the paper franticly,
trying to get to the bottom.
It needs to be free,
to be redeemed.
The ink has sinned over and over.
He asked for forgiveness but got nothing.
The ink feels trapped.
Where is he supposed to go in a time like this?
Only two people can tell him where to go.
The paper.
The paper leads him in either the right or wrong direction.
Or the pen.
The pen can draw him in a certain direction.
Which one is he supposed to trust?
They are both merciful and righteous.
The hold the power of pure, all of their sins have been forgiven.
Ink wonders why Jesus won't redeem him,
yet he will redeem paper and pen.
What have they done to deserve his steadfast love?
Ink couldn't believe his eyes.
What he was seeing was betrayel.
Jesus had gave pen and paper his love but not ink?
Maybe ink was overeacting.
Maybe his love was being shipped in the air by an agel right now.
But what if the angel threw it away?
What if his love was given to pen or paper?
He began to feel suspicious of pen and paper.
He watched their every move,
but nothing.
They seemed as calm as they always were.
A show! though ink.
They were putting on a show.
The ink was almost at the bottom of the paper now,
he was dieng.
He would drip off the paper, and find himself on the ground.
He looked up, and saw pen staring down at him.
Pen had a odd smile about.
His lips were curled, and his teeth were fully showing.
He had become the devil! thought Ink.
And ink was right.
Pen took advantage of Gods love, and used it for bad.
All of these sins turned him into a cruel beast.
Ink splattered cruely on the floor.
Paper screamed, but pen stabbed him straight through the thin stretch of white, before he could do anything.

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