A story about a boy

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Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017



A Story about a Boy

It was a cold winter’s morning. There was a young boy. He couldn’t be older than 13 years old. He was alone, he had nothing and no one. He was a child of the street. Surviving on any and everything he could get his dirty little hands on. He was so dirty that you couldn’t tell what nationality he was he was lucky to get any food at all. Sometimes he was lucky to even get a half-eaten pie in the trash. He was so skinny that you could count his ribs a mile away through his cloths.

How this young child has survived for so long on his own with barley any food and drink not to mention the rags he wore as cloths.it is a miracle he has survived for 2 winters out on the street. No shelter or roof over his head. Open to all the elements.

Then one day out of the blue a young lady approached him and asked if there is anything she could do for the young boy. She was shocked at what the young boy said. She was not prepared for what he said, I doubt any one would be. He didn’t ask for a home nor did he ask for food or water. He simply asked for LOVE. The woman just stood there frozen in time. She couldn’t even react to his request. The young boy looked at her confused as to what she was doing. Little did he know how this one request would have such an impact on her?

After a moment or so the woman snapped back to reality. She gave him a hug and said everything would be fine. She had no intention of giving him what he wanted. She left him in fear of what others would think of her if they knew she was hugging a homeless child. She left him there in the cold. Again homeless and hungry.

The very next day she felt so bad for what she had done. She went looking for the young boy. She searched for hours and hours. But couldn’t find him. She feared that she was too late. As she was about to give up she spotted him searching for food in the trash. She stopped the car in the middle of the road and ran as fast as she could to where the boy was rummaging in the trash. As she reached the young child she fell to her knees in tears begging him for forgiveness. The boy standing in front of her reached out and whipped a tear away and said to her “in a city full of demons you are an angel. You have given me the strength to last one more day.” he went on to explain to her that that one kind act changed his whole life and that for the first time he was happy.

The young boy collapsed in front of her as he fell he said thank you

She was too late in the end. This devastated her

As people we shouldn’t have to live lonely lives nor should we live in fear of what society deems fit. We realize that we are in the wrong on so many levels when it’s too late. You could have saved a life with a kind act or you could have learnt that happiness is the greatest reward. We are supposed to love and care for each other regardless of who the other person is.

So to all those who I have wronged, hurt, neglected and let down I am truly sorry.

Gordon Karusseit.

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