Someone Ordinary

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Another prompt from my CW teacher. I'm not the best at poetry...

Submitted: February 07, 2013

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Submitted: February 07, 2013



She was ordinary
Nothing extraordinary
Except for a red ribbon in her hair
A bright color her turtleneck did share.

She walked like all the rest
Chin tucked and body compressed
Her hands disappeared in deep pockets
As droplets crashed around her like rockets.

Rain poured from the silver clouds
And collected in puddles on the ground
Drowning pavement and bricks
Rippling when a little kid jumped and kicked.

She kept walking down the sidewalk
Smoothly and slowly, but in front of me she did stop.
She stood for second
And then slowly turned in my direction.

She didn’t look at me though
That’s why I guess happiness made her eyes glow.
She took a few steps towards me
And then bent at the knee.

She knelt down and lowered her head
Brown hair covering her forehead
And I could hear her take a deep whiff
Plus a few tiny sniffs.

I watched her in awe
And my heart began to ignore nature’s law.
This ordinary girl
Made my heart swirl.

It popped right out of my stomach
And in my throat came to a summit.
She lifted her head slightly
And she smiled widely.

“Once in awhile,
You have stop and smell the roses,” She said.
And as her ordinary eyes met mine
Something extraordinary happened this time.

This girl who was ordinary
Someone definitely not extraordinary
Smelled the roses at the foot of my bench
 And I knew my heart was entrenched.

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