The Break

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The Break is something very painful.

Submitted: April 19, 2013

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Submitted: April 19, 2013




The Break

I felt it deep inside of me. It wasn’t supposed to be happen. It was always thought as impossible. Not doable. One hundred and ten percent avoidable. But here I was, writhing in pain on the muddy ground as cold rain began to pour over me as if the heavens were grieving what I had lost. I clawed at my throat and breasts trying to reach the pain bursting from a place that felt like within my ribs and to the right of my heart, which pounded fast and deep inside of me. The pain almost felt like a second heart; one bound by thorns. The pain reverberated in my school and shot bile up my throat. I retched onto the muddy ground. I watched through my blurred vision as the vile yellow liquid swirling with blood, mixed into the muddy puddles on the ground. I screamed.

The Masters had always scared us, the Apprentices, with stories of The Break. How painful it was. How it made you feel like you wanted to die. How destructive it was. They had said it had not happened in the past hundred years, but how easy it could be to start it. To cause it. They had said that those that suffered The Break were changed. They were alone. They were shunned and left to rot in their own empty shells.

Those warnings rang through my head like a wicked bell. Too late. I felt like my insides were melting. My veins felt like they were on fire and vapor began to float off of my skin. I was so hot despite the cold rain. I dug myself into the mud. I grabbed fistfuls of it and ground my fingers into the moist dirt. I flipped on my stomach and felt wet earth seep into my cherry red robes and past the undergown. The mud spread across my belly and seeped down my neck and onto my back. My pointed cloth shoes slipped off my feet and I felt the mud seep between my toes and slide against my shins.

The rain plastered my hair onto my cheeks and chin. Hot tears burst from my eyes and suddenly, it stopped. The heat retreated across my skin into the place to the right of my heart. The pain seemed to sucked in, too. And just like that, I was left gasping for breath. I sucked in air and felt it circulate in my lungs. I sucked in another breath. My fingers splayed out on the mushy ground and I exercised my fingers as I continued gasping for breath, learning how to breathe again. I gathered my legs under me and knelt on the ground in a fetal-like position. The place to the right of my heart suddenly began to fade. I felt it disappear. And then something in my mind snapped. It was as if someone had snipped a tight string with a sharpened blade. No friction. No resistance. And I felt the string on my end die. It shriveled into nothing and retreated back into the emptiness of my mind.

My eyes were frozen open. In shock. I felt a coldness seep into my body. Like the rain, it dripped from my shoulders and settled inside my body. I felt alone. I was alone. I wrapped my arms around myself and bowed my head to the wet earth. I had lost him. I had lost him and it was all my fault.

This is what The Break feels like.


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