Life Can't all be painful right?

It seemed like another night of the same 
It seemed like a schedule , 3 am comes and so does our dark little game
The one where memories of you used to lash into my brain 
Like the lashes hit the slaves I kept getting them for no other reason other than love
Or at least that's what I thought

A new character hit the story and she finally woke me up from this seemingly eternal strain
A girl I had not forgotten , how could I I longed for hers many years after I left her in pain
It was the type of love that knew no boundaries distance included
But alas it wasn't distance but time that polluted


She sent me a message one that surprised me , for the first time in a year a smile appeared
It seemed so rare I thought I had lost my smile to a pack of cigarettes and lonely fear
We made a date within the week , I swept you off your feet 
And finally you made me forget her and taught me I still had a heartbeat.


Took a little bit but the first time our lips met was a spectacular feeling 
Like 5 years wasn't anything , god you're still so appealing
It's not your body but your brain and smile that have me grinning breathlessly
Now as you're sleeping in my arms for the first time I can say its all thanks to carnival destiny.

Submitted: February 21, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Giovanny . All rights reserved.

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Santiago Alejandro


Sat, February 21st, 2015 7:11pm

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