The Heat of the moment finally came

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The day finally came

So it finally happened , the culmination of every fear , lust and desire
After 9 months of sleepless nights and adding fuel to the fire
I was in the middle of a casual conversation a rare moment arrived 
Your name flashes on my phone and caused all attention to subside in the world around me

It took me a while to process it because these moments seemed so rare 
But I finally answered the phone and heard your broken voice
"We need to talk do you have time " as I stood still I couldn't process or make any noise 
You told me how you were hypnotized living in a fake world you wanted no part of
And how I tried to warn you but you didn't listen and now you had enough

We talked we laughed we cried we face timed until you wanted to fall asleep
We made plans for this weekend to finally see each other and I fell in too deep
You made told me how bad you had it how he didn't love you and changed you
And how you stalked me everyday and wish after the break up I would have chased you
You said everything I wanted to and more and the sight of us on webcam opened the door


You had me literally at hello so the goodbye was scary
It left many doors creaked open and it felt out of the ordinary
We even said we loved each other for the first time since I can remember
And i went to sleep anticipating this weekend as sparks often lead to embers
The thing is we are fickle even when were floating we land on the ground like a feather
That's why I am writing this letter  because for those 4 hours you and I seemed destined 
For forever 

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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