Sometimes a perfect storm can't have a conclusion

The wake up

I opened my eyes on a Wednesday morning to find you still there
Lying on your naked glory sleeping on my chest 
It's crazy when one of those day dreams you have becomes real
You opened your eyes slowly , looked at me and confessed

I want you so bad but I don't wanna hurt you words so heavy when they came out
I was skeptical I mean I'm used to being the dog never the other way around 
She told me she cheated on her X and her biggest fear was a relapse with me
I told her were from the same kettle and she was with who I wanted to be

We kept kissing kept touching the walls in my shower have secrets to tell
How can they kiss and smile so much when it's all damned to hell
But I don't believe it for any second you're way too special to leave 
Or at least gimme some time cause to you I want my heart to give

If we wanna blame the alcohol for the symphony we made 
Our heartbeats in unison at the same tempo
She only let me slide cause it's been eventful
But there's only one way to call it once you've synced like this its our lucid temple.

Submitted: March 01, 2015

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