The first thing that my brain decided to feed my insomnia tonjght

Why is it that I still don't feel like I have my life together 
Between class work sleep and what's left of me after missing her I feel incomplete
I feel like all of this is,for nothing like a piece of paper can really make me compete
It's not like I can focus because every breath I take is forced like my heartbeat 

How do they expect that with age it all should just come to you
That from one day to another you should know everything
How to vote , do taxes , buy a house , fix a sink
Find the love of your life and have kids before you can even blink

All of this just to be someone's fucked up predisposition of normal
Can't travel and explore the world and always having to be formal
Getting a job you have no passion for to buy a house to confine you
The only original ideas you have are to kept to yourself god forbid they define you

What makes us all so special and entitled to happiness 
Why is it me in this privileged position 
While some poor kid stole some bread to feed his baby sister and is facing conviction
Some kid is starving he's about to die in Syria 
And another is in Africa fighting malaria 

Yet here I am with the simplest of petty worry
Not starving or sick just depressed over someone who left my life in a hurry
Not even dead and I fucked it up what a tragic love story
But again the question remains what makes me any better and deserving
Of this house , this car. These friends and opportunity for higher learning

Submitted: October 29, 2014

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