You miss all the shoots you don't take.

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Another bit of excess thoughts that escaped my fingers today , some like the art but for the rest of us this is therapeutic

We can try to pretend like we don't love each other
We can try to pretend that in those spare moments
When we catch our breath and stare into space
That that world where we wonder with every elongated gaze
Is not one where were together 

We can try to move on and cast each other away
Block each other and resist the urge to say we made a mistake
Only come to each other as a last resort when every thing fails
Because were the only thing that makes sense with every exhale


We can try to be just friends 
Or acquaintances from another time 
Treat ourselves platonic 
As if what we feel isn't divine
On another level because you're my sun in this shady weather
You're the star that I follow
Cause when I look into your eyes all I see is a brighter tomorro


And it sucks because we both know the truth
That we still love each other its simple
From the nails on your toes to those enchanting dimples
And when you smile I wanna be the reason 
Because were meant to be no matter the time , weather , or season

I wish I could stop writing because that means that we found each other 
That we let by gones be by gones and let go
Cause all we need is the seeds and time for our love to grow 
But here I am another night another drink another stitch tears open
But it's fine cause another morning to fake a smile is coming and I'm still not broken


Last but not least there's a preconceived notion that as men we hold dear
That we can keep fucking up and she won't leave no no there's no fear 
Till she does and not without a fight she did everything to keep you
You left upset said no then came back to get her you thought she'd be gone for a few
But life is what happens when we plan what's next and things go askew 
You came back for her and tried to call her every day 
She blocked you at first to keep the memories at bay
She was waiting patiently for him but he never showed his face
He came back for her and couldn't see her cause he saw another car what a disgrace
It was her uncles you have an excuse , but by not knocking on that door you tied your noose
She went on 7 months believing you dropped off the face off the earth
And that's why you lost your starting berth you were dropped to bench , excommunication
Now you see what can happen when you plan for everything but .. Miscommunication .



Submitted: December 18, 2014

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