Everyone suffers foul love, but its ones inner person who will attract and receive real love

I've been blinded by one, two and three

But at the end, non of them seem to sweep me off my feet.

Because this is what happens when i let them in...

They want to tie me down and be all over me.

At first i think its cute andvery sweet,

But then they get creepy and too sticky.

For i want to go out and be free,

But they can't handle this and decide to let me be.

They leave but i don't worry.

My model is to move on to my next journey.

Honestly, am waiting for my hero to come rescue me.

Want to know why am so positive of thee?

I know god has a good marriage instored for me.

Also, becuase when i look into my future that's what i see.

Submitted: January 09, 2012

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