Joy In Feeling

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A bOy encOunters a girl in a rainy day whO has a question to ask. Rest on readers.........

Submitted: February 19, 2013

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Submitted: February 19, 2013




Joy in Feeling

So let me tell you about an unforgettable moment of my life which I encountered in a rainy day inside a park when showers were not so gentle. The park as usual was not packed. Rain had swept away all the visitors save one- a girl. The girl seemed to be enjoying the shower. I watched her being indifferent to the force of rain trying to penetrate my pores (as I never carry umbrella). I went a little close to her and saw her getting intense pleasure with shower. I had thought that I am the only person who enjoys getting in with rain but I was wrong. I saw her closing her eyes and raising her hands up and low, in her own style, she was enjoying. I approached to her.

“Hi” I started in order to make an introduction. She seemed a little hesitated. She opened her eyes and showed her confusion facing elsewhere.

“Hi. I am Gantabya.” I said.

“Hi” she responded without making an eye contact.

“You seem to be enjoying.” I mentioned.

“Yes. I like it when it rains.” She said. It was a quick response.

“I also like it. So I never carry umbrellas or raincoats”

She smiled.  I was sitting next to her. The rain was still beating us.

“But I thought everybody enjoys raining.” She said

“What is so interesting in it?” I asked her in order to know her point.

“All these days I had felt it. When they touch me, I feel very happy.” She asserted with a simple answer. And she continued.

 “Just feel it. How eager they are to touch us.” She looked at the sky. “Feel it.”

“You are an optimist.” I said


“Because it is wildly raining. And you took it in a way that they are eager to touch us but not to hurt us.” I said.

 We had not made a single eye contact. I thought that she was a bit hesitating type of girl.

Meanwhile I saw somebody coming towards us with an open large black umbrella. The running figure approached to us.

“I am so sorry Nanu. I came late.” The figure turned to be a woman.

“Thanks for coming late Mummy. At least I got a chance to feel the rain once again.” She responded in some cool way.

The woman got her under the large black umbrella and said, “Now, we should move towards home.”

She stood up. She got something in her right hand from the corner of the seat. That was a folding stick. She took the help of the stick and stood up. She came to my ear and whispered, “Actually I enjoy it because I have never seen it. And I would always like to know that why do you enjoy when it rains?”

Saying this, she caught a hand of the woman and went. 


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Joy In Feeling

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