The Dance of the Dead

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A story about a man and dead, hellish people. *Warning* DOES CONTAIN LIGHT SEXUAL CONTENT. READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION.

Submitted: July 16, 2013

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Submitted: July 16, 2013



On a bright, starry night, I was taking a stroll through the park. The night air was cool and the moon shone with a ghoulish glow. I was singing into the night, having not a care in the world when I felt a strange sensation of eyes affixed to me. As I turned to look into the dark midst behind me, there stood a corpse of a tall, gangling woman.

The woman's clothes had rotted completely through to where she was down to only her under garments. Strangely enough even though the woman was dead, her milky, ivory like skin showed no sign of decay. Her limbs looked like they had been sewn back onto her body. I guess this poor woman was mutilated after her death. Her hair was jet black and her eyes an amber color with midnight black pupils.

I was struck with a mixed sensation of fear and wonder as I stared at the woman. The dead woman then lifted her arm with her hand stetched toward me as if she wanted me to take it and follow her. I did as she wanted. The woman's hand was colder than anything I've ever felt. Her hands felt of skin and bone only.

I then felt that I was in a trance like state as we ran through the dark forest. A myriad of feelings entered my mind, but fear and curiosity were of the two chief emotions I was feeling. After a while, we stopped in a quite large forest clearing. In the clearing was a giant stone table adorned with cerimonial runes and torches of fire. Other dead people were in attendance of this place and included other women, men, and children.

With the woman who brought me here, I communed with these dead folk. We feasted and talked about all matters of life and death. I felt as if I was at home now. All feeling of fear had dissipated from my mind, for they were not hostile, but rather hospitable people. As it neared midnight, all in attendance brandished elaborate masks.

Curiosity once again seeped into my mind, wondering what would happen next. The woman I was with presented me with a very peculiar looking mask. She then uttered only one word to me that seemed to echo through my mind. "Dance," said she as she once again stretched her hand out to me. I took her hand and she led me into the circle of fire made upon the stone table.

I watched as all of the others began to dance to a very strange tune that sounded like music from the very depths of hell itself. I then found myself dancing with this woman in the most sinful of ways. I took delight in this unholy dance. My spirit felt unbound from my body. I watched myself dance with this woman and I felt very pleased with this.

The dance then ended and this woman I was dancing with looked into my eyes, reading my deepest desire. She then slipped off her undergarments as she started to undress me. I felt a rush of lustful pleasure as we embraced. We performed this lecherous act before the mass of the others and they were chanting and cheering as we went. I then started to feel weak.

It felt as if my very life force was being bled out of me. I felt as cold as clay and shivered profusely. I then felt a terrible feeling of hopeless dread as we finished. I felt as if I would never see the sun again. I then woke from a deep slumber.

I found that I was dressed and back at my home. My clothes felt wet and when I checked them, they were drenched with blood. I found that my family was slaughtered and were laying all around me. It was I who held the dagger. I then knew that my dream was no dream.

As I neared the dining room table, there was yet another corpse laying on it. The corpse was that of my betrothed. Her face looked of that of the woman who led me to the cermony in the woods, the look of the same dark desire still on her dead face. I then knew my horrid fate. I was damned and truly alone now.

Death himself appeared to collect my damned soul. Knowing that I had been cheated, I denied him the satisfaction of harvesting my spirit by delivering it myself. I then cut my own throat with the dagger I used to kill so many others I loved. My soul was judged to be cast down. I descended down into the firey, dark depths of Hell. I found myself in a circle of iron and fire.

To my very surprise, the gangling woman faded into exisitence before me. Once again, she out stretched her hand to me and uttered that horrible, damned, insufferable, loathesome word. "Dance," she said as she took my hand. I then felt all of the pain my family felt as I slaughtered them. As we danced, I felt every emotion my family experienced. There was no turning back now.

Death had collected yet another soul to be damned to this insufferable pit. There is no escape from death. Even from one taking their own life by their own hand. Beware, I warn thee. For thou could be next......

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