lost in the woods

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
the quiet snap of the twigs next to me echoed throughout the woods. i looked around, no one was in sight. I stood their terrified of what to come. All of a sudden something grabbed me by the arms.
"found you..." said an eerie voice with a slither of a snake. " i turned around and....
read on to find out

Submitted: May 18, 2015

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Submitted: May 18, 2015



" help! help!" cried a hooded figure. they looked scared and frantic. they rushed over to me. " help me! please!"

  " whats the matter?" i replied as they shook me around.

 "in the woods... come please! help!" they screamed. before i could answer they grabbed me by the hand and rushed me through the provinces' gates. this was the first time i had ever left the province. i had wondered what was out here. Father had always kept me tucked away in the house. 

  " wait.. where are we going? Wait! i need permission!" i yelled as they dragged me with them. hold on... " i thought we werent aloud even to go outside the gates!" 

  " please, just help me and we can go!" they replied. " the woods! the woods!"

  " whats wrong!?!" i screamed trying to pull away. their grip was strong. " Wait!" i said to the figure. when i screamed wait the hands that held my wrist grew flaming hot. " gah!" i replied to the burn.

  " the woods.." they said again dillusionally. i tried to pull away but again, it was no use. we got to the woods and i looked at the hooded figure. i couldnt see their face. once we got to a very tall tree they stopped. " climb the tree! climb it!" the figure said.

  " but.."

  " CLIMB IT!"  i climbed up the tree as instructed. after a bit i looked down. the person was looking up at me. " higher!" they said forcfully. i climbed and climbed looking down every so often. i eventually stopped looking down. when i got to the top i looked down. they werent there.

  " umm.. hello?" i called out. i looked around and there was nobody there. a peice of paper blew to my direction. it landed in my hands. the paper read:  

 bye bye. oh, and your the one who is going to need help. thank you for following me, you have helped me ever so much. 

V  R

What...?" a giant gust of wind blew and knocked me off the 70 foot tree. " AHH!" i screamed loudly. i was going to die. i fell down fast. was this my end? i hit the ground and was knocked out.

i woke up gasped for air. All my body parts hurt. i woke up wondering were i was but then remembered what had happened.i lifted myself up aching but i knew i had to get home. wait, which way is to home? i got up and looked around. i searched and searched. " thump, thump!" what was that... " thump thump!" i heard quiet thumps. " rustle, rustle!" the bush started to shake. i backed away slowly then out of nowhere a rabbit popped out. 

"oh thank goodness its just you!" i said graciously.i kept walking. the rabbit followed behind. i stopped. " do you know the way home?" i asked feeling silly talking to a rabbit. the rabbit stared at me, and hopped away. well so much for that thought.

i kept walking. my legs started to hurt even more. i would never get home. i found a little creek near by and looked at the crystal clear water. i took of my shoes and socks. i got one of my sockes and scooped up the water. i was very thirsty so i filtered some water and drank it. i put back on my shoes and started walking again. when i was walking i thought i saw a dark figure swoosh by. i stopped dead in my tracks. i looked around. swoosh. i looked around and no one was there. i saw the figure sweep by anoth time. i walked at a faster pace. swoosh. i stareed to run by that point. i ran and ran, almost out of breath. no dark figure to be found. i stopped to catch my breath. once done i raised my head. i looked around. standing there i heard a snap form a twig.

  more followed after that. the snap of the twigs near me echoed throughout the woods. i looked around, no one was in sight. i stood there, terrified of what is to come. all of a sudden something grabbed me by the arms.

"found you...." said an eerie voice with the slither-like sound of a snake. i turned around to find the hooded man. he pulled of his hood. he had fire red hair that was messy and knotty. his smile was mobid and full of pointy teeth. his tounge was like the one of a snake and his eyes were gray like the moon. he pulled me towards him and whispered in my ear : " sorry deary but you wont be seeing your presious little province or family again." his smile was cruel and his breath was deadly. he held me tight so i couldnt escape. " i havent had a meal in well, 3 months or so... i am ver hungry and you looked juicy and ripe." his voice was sickening. he dragged me to his home in the woods. 

" now, how do i want you? salty, swet, spicy, tart? ooh to many to choose from, to many. let me think. how about a dash of pepper, some salt, and hmm... cheese!" he said making plans for my death. as he was grabbing his materials i tried to reach for the knife fater had given me. got it. i sliced at the ropes. 1 by 1 they fell to the ground silently. " now, i hope you wont mind a bit of lemon juice!" he said from the other room. i tip toed towards the door and opened it. i snuck through.i walked out to the almost- night forest and exhaled deeply. i shut the door quietly. i turned around to find the man again.  

" no, no, no! you cant run away, i have dinner planned!" he said. i tooked my knife and stabbed him. it wouldnt do much harm but it might give me time to run. " grrr! i will get you  litttle brat!"   i ran as fast as i could. he grabbed my cape. 

" Ahh!" i cried. i tugged away from him. i ran and ran some more. just as i waws about to give up i saw an exit. the province! i ran harder than ever. " sound the alarm1" i screamed to the night watcher. he saw me and chuckled. he gave me a friendly wave. he must have not heard me. when i got nearer i screamed ver loudly: " SOUND THE ALARM!"  he got my message and rang the bell. he looked at me and tilted his head. when he saw the hooded figure his eyes got wide and rushed towards me. i ran throught the gates, in my province. the night watcher shut the gates before he got in. i was safe. the man slamed into the gates and put his head in between the bars. 

 " dont think that im giving up deary, i will find you." he said with a small chuckle following. his morbid smile scared me and i punched him in the face. 

" nope! you arent getting anyone!"i said snarky to make me sound more sure. i trurned around,chin up, and walked away. i would never let him get to anyone. EVER!

© Copyright 2020 girl with an imagination. All rights reserved.

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