R.I.P Baby Brother

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About wasting time being angry
And losing a sibling

Submitted: August 19, 2012

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Submitted: August 19, 2012



I've always been told life isn't fair

I've always accepted that life can't be controlled

But I doubt I'll ever understand how life can be so cruel



I can't run from it anymore

I can't pretend the pain isn't still with me

But I can write this now, so he knows I loved him



There was so much time wasted

There was so much time spent being angry and hostile

But there wasn't enough time put it to show my little guy what he meant to me



My little brother, my little guy, it was never his fault, and I can hardly live with myself for putting blame on him

My little brother,he only got to be in my arms twice upon a time

But that doesn't make the pain any less excruciating



Daddy was the one, I should have been mad at

Daddy chose to start a new family, not my little guy

But it doesn't the fact the I first wasted time holding my baby brother resposible for what Daddy put me through



So from here on out, I'll greive in silence, and I'll visit a baby's grave

So from here on out, I'll live on with this cutting pain, wishing it was my life taken in place of his

But it will never be enough to bring him back, and now I wish I had spent more time with my precious little guy



People say life is short, and to live it to it's fullest

But it's more often cut so short that you can't







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