Torment of my Mental State

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my mental trip into reviewing part of my past

Submitted: August 23, 2010

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Submitted: August 23, 2010



again my past torments me. silently crushing me inside. my heart aches at the sight of the words i once held dear. feelings, i do not understand, mess with my mental state. all at once, guilt and fear push me into my room of solitude. the place i so carefully avoided. its darkness taunts me. i sit in the corner...memories pass through my brain. i shake. my hands unconsciously scar my face in pain and blood. my nails digging deeper into my sweat soaked skin. a piano solo plays in the background. its harsh tones chill me.

tempted by his suggestions. am i really that person? i was for so long... am i no different? so many, many memories torture me. i can't even think straight any more. my thoughts are a blur. how can you love someone like that? but you dont even know. perhaps you never will.. a past is just a past. it does not define the person. does it?

things seem to be going so well. so why am i in this state? i am so confused. i feel somewhat alone. somewhat lost. but completely fearful. i suppose its fair to add sadness to the heap of emotions. a sense of worthlessness brushes by. chillingly cruel voices point out my mistakes. my head hangs low at unwanted thoughts. my hair in my sarrowful face. sweaty hands. empty eyes.

slowly i begin to calm myself. repeating to myself that its alright. it must be. i cannot feel this way. i'm better than that. carefully i pick myself up. and i move along...

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Torment  of my Mental State

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