A day to forget

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this is the story of a fireman who was KIA ( killed in action). Then is stuck in this ghostly form where he can not go to heaven until he is at peace with himself and others.

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013




“ You can’t go back in there’’! yelled daniel’s crew manager, “that whole area is going to detonated at any minute”. “But I have to go back in there” Daniel replied “I have to, Gal’s in there and he's not going to die that way”. Daniel was able to break loose from his crew manager’s arms and scrambled up the stairs of the burning building. Daniel was sickened by the smoke distributing throughout the parts of the building. ” Where is he? “He thought as he was checking every room he passed by. Daniel’s quickend pace have slown down due to the piles of pale rubble and ash that sea the floor. Suddenly a chunk of burning wood that supported the roof broke apart of its beam and crashed landed in front of Daniel. The dark ash from it burned his eyes. He let out a harsh yell. He jumped back, falling flat on his back from tripping upon a small object that lied across from him now. “Gal’! He yelled out, “Gal where are you”! Of course Daniel knew he wasn’t going to get an answer, so he cried for help. “Help, help please, I, I can’t see”. Daniel could not move, he felt heavy and a stinging pain shot through his leg.Burning pieces of the ceiling started peeling away and drop on Daniel’s fireproof coat .He panicked and wiped them away even though they were not to burn him. “Help, please I can’t get up” he pleaded, but all he can see was the end of the charred hallway he was in. Then the sight of something shinning caught his eye. It was a button, not from his fire coat but from someone else. "Gal, I'm so sorry"  he thought. Daniel reached for it and held it in his hand. He smelled sour gas and he saw the blazing fire. As a fireman for 12 years, Daniel knew the smell of gas meant nothing good. He tried once more to stand, but that failed, only making the pain worse. Daniel whimpered not to the agonizing pain he felt but to the thought of dying. “God, I’m sorry for what I’ve done in the past, just forgive me, please. Please, I’m sorry, so, so sorry” Daniel uttered. He stiffened his body and clenched his fist, a small explosion from a distance. Then all was silent.

The building had collapsed. “Damn it daniel, I told you wasn't gona make it, I told you”! screamed Daniel’s manager. “What should we do now?” asked one of Daniel’s fellow coworkers. “We say our partings, and tell his wife what happened” he replied. “Should we send someone’’, “No, I should tell his wife for him”.Daniel was one of the best man his crew could have and to loose him like that . Many of the other firemen were denied heading back , but Daniel kept his devotion to the code, “No man left behind” and took his life to save his fellow companion, or at least try. They hosed down the last of the deadly flames, reporters had a story to write, so they left, and the fire crew had a funeral to plan.


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