the unsuspected

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A character of mines who goes through the time when the two planes crash into the twin towers on 9/11.

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013




The unsuspected  


Fresh bitter coffee plummets onto the hard tiled floor. I hear in the distance the horrid scream of a man that made my stomach turn. Papers of all shapes and sizes fly high overhead and whirls to the ground. I arise from my cubicle and wonder to the darken area of the corridor. Out of the thick black smoke a tall slim man attempts his way towards me. Stuttering to speak he vomits without warning onto my midnight colored suit. The burnt skin on his face made it difficult to realize him, but his dark hazel eyes screams his misery fluently. He nudges me to run but yet I’m oblivious. I stand still, delirious to what’s happening at the moment, trying to allow my mind to put together the pieces of this puzzle. Maybe the long eight hours I've spent catching up on my work last night has gotten to me. Or this is really happening, is it? The faint yell of a women and the sight of a roaring flame tells me the answer. I broke free from bars of confusion and transition on to running.

I quickly sprint pass empty cubicles and water dispensers that have been tipped over and drenched the navy blue carpet. As I am making my way through the maze of the floor, I see people I hardly know crawl, scurry, and limp to safety. High heels, purses, scarfs, pretty much every accessory you can wear were lying there without an owner. All of this with the sounds of office phones yelling for an answer, shouts and roars from behind me, even small explosions dump into my ears and pollutes my mind. Although I am miles away from a fiery torture, the ghostly dense fluid plays with the air in my lungs. I choke, stumbling to the ground drained from head to toe. Chest burning, heart racing I beg myself to keep going. My egg and sausage biscuit I ate this earlier catches me off-guard and heavily appears on the floor.

I think it is due to the smell of gas and burning souls, or to me racing wildly across the room. I couldn’t tell. My legs wobble as I am desperately pulling my weak body to its feet. Continuing on my escape, I carry myself to an open solid medal door. The plaque on the door read ''emergency exit'' and the blinking white flashes of light blinds me as I walk through. My ears take more damage as the fire siren got louder while I was going down the silent dark blue stairwell.

I skip steps to pass floors quickly. On the chipped wall were faded big bolded letters spelling out the numbers of the floors I was on. I still could smell the fumes that stained my lungs. I could hear the suffering of other employees even though the stairwell was deserted and quite. My legs cramped, but I couldn’t stop now.

Finally I made it to the bottom of the tower. I reach for the outside door and as I am I thought for a moment. Pieces of this building could be dropping from miles high only to crush people below. I shook the vision from my thoughts. This building could collapse at any minute and I have no choice at this point. I turn the amber door knob with ease only to see a yellow blur coming in from the outside. There, stood firemen in all different races and sizes. Their faces were drenched with dirt and sweat. Their suits were burned and covered in pale colored rubble that seems like dandruff showered them. ‘Sir'', the brave man spoke but the sound was clogged, ‘we’ll get you to safety don’t worry, you'll be fine.

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