my big sister

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this is just a poem i wrote about no matter how young a child may be never under-estimate them....

My Big Sister

 I woke up very early,

I can hear my mum crying.

Dad says its all ok,

But I know that he's lying.

They think I dont understand,

But I know whats going on.

My big sisters really sick,

And isn't going to live long,

Today is her operation,

A sucess it better be,

Because if its not,

She will no longer be with me.

They are gone to the hospital,

And hours I have to wait.

But they are still not back yet,

And its getting very late.

Im getting really worried,

Because I dont want her to die.

But even if she does,

With the angels she will fly.

The car finally pulls up,

And towards it I run fast.

We will all be together,

And a family at long last. 

I finally reach the car, 

Mum and dad get out. 

They look at me and smile, 

But not one word leaves their mouth. 

I cant wait to see her,

So i run to the cars back door,

Mum says not to open it,

But i cant wait anymore.

I gazed insides carefully,

And shocked i was very.

My parents came over.

But seemed very weary.

The car was completely empty,

I'd never see her again.

Though we'll meet in heaven,

I just dont know when...

By Eden Brennan

Submitted: July 28, 2010

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