Even if We Disapear

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Martha and General Edward Luddlum wake up from a comma at the same time only to face a future in which the world is at war. Martha remembers nothing and Edward remembers everything except everything is the wrong memories.
Story written in three views
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Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



They mentioned a war before I left the hospital. I guess you couldn’t really call it a hospital. All it was was beds, medicine, and people all stuffed together in one place. They told me I had been in a coma for 10 months. It’s strange to be told something like that. Just imagine waking up one day and somebody tells you you’ve been asleep for months and you can’t remember anything. But I remember everything. It’s just the wrong memories. Nothing I remember matches where I am. What I remember is my wife and I in a car and then, I wake up in what seems like a desert. It’s a horrible feeling when nobody sees your side of the story. They say I’m a general here and that if I don’t start putting my feet on the ground, they’ll kick me out and let the enemy find me.

When I first saw my surroundings, I thought we were in the Middle East, still fighting to protect other countries. Apparently, though, we are in what used to be a forest in California. You can tell by the tree trunks that are still barely standing. They say there was a bomb dropped here years before and because of it, we are now fighting a war against the world. I know that can’t be. My wife and I just visited this very same place last summer and all the trees were standing, beautiful and green.

I don’t remember ever being a general and I wouldn’t know how to if my life depended on it. And at this point, I think it does.


I woke up in a dark small room that I had never seen before. I looked around and tried to see if there was anything that could seem helpful. Then I heard two men walk in. they were both wearing same kind of military uniform. One of the men seemed very serious, the other seemed very glad and happy. That one came over to me and hugged me.

“Martha, thank God you’re okay.” Then he looked at me, unsure if he had been correct. I knew I must have looked so confused. The other man started talking after the first one let go of me.

“You’ve been in a coma for ten months, Martha. Can you remember anything?”

I looked at both of them and I spoke with a soft voice I didn’t even recognize. “No, I don’t” I began to feel frustrated at myself. “Where am I?”

Some days later the men told me the full story. Everything I couldn’t remember. My name is Martha Redford and I’m a nurse and a soldier in the war, the Frontier War, they said. They called it that way because we were fighting the enemy at the home front, something we hadn’t done in years. The war’s been going on for bout ten years and many more areas of the United States had been destroyed by bombs. The American army is still fighting but the hope of winning is slowly decreasing. It has also become somewhat of a civil war between the people of the United States. Half are for the war, half against it. Close to this camp, the Australian army is helping us fight the war. They are our allies but they are starting to rethink their strategies. Also, not too far from here, there is a British camp fighting for us as well, although, they too are rethinking their strategies. They are our only allies. Everybody else is against us because of the empire we tried to build.

They are going to hold me here for a little longer and see if I remember anything. If not, they’ll send me back home or to some other area not hit by the enemy. Nothing looks familiar, no one seems recognizable, and I bet that wherever I go I will not be able to escape this same feeling of seclusion and misunderstanding.


I am staying in the British camps for now, but because of my accent, they want to send me to an American camp south from here. The British don’t believe in this war so they are planning to withdraw all together. Going to the American camps might be better or else, I think the British will leave me behind for the enemy to find me. They also mentioned an American girl. Everyone found it odd that from the records, it seems like we both woke up from a coma and came into it at the same time.


They are sending me away now. I don’t want to leave. I know this place is filled with war and it would be dangerous and stupid to try and stay but it is all I’ve known since I woke up. I don’t want to be sent to another place I do not recognize. And Brian, the man that had hugged me was the nicest person I’d known. They say that we used to be together. I feel terrible that I have no feelings towards him what so ever. I started finding things from my past like pictures and diaries but nothing seemed to click. The only good thing about these findings is that I used them to pretend that things were coming back.

I saw a picture of Brian and I at a lake and I mentioned to him that I remembered that trip. With this, he became very emotional. “Do you remember what happened that day?” he asked with a grin as he looked at the picture.

I looked down at the picture and I tried to find anything helpful. Then I noticed a ring on my finger and none in the picture. “You asked me to marry you?”

He smiled even bigger, believing that I actually remembered that moment. At that moment, I thought he was going to cry. “Exactly.” He kissed me and then looked at me sadly. Guess I hadn’t kissed back. “But you don’t really feel the same.” He said quietly.

I said nothing, just looked away. This was enough for him to stand up and leave. Right after he left, Leo, the man I’d first seen with Brian, came in.

“You know he loves you” he said. “Right?”

“I don’t know what to do” I said.

“Ever tried loving him back?”

“It’s just not that easy”

“It should be. If you’ve done it before, I’m sure you can do it again.” After I said nothing in response, he stood silently. Then he changed the subject. “Tomorrow, there’s a guy coming in from the British camps. They say he just woke up from a coma too. He says he’s an American but his records say he’s British.”

“I don’t understand why you’re telling me this.”

He spoke quietly. “I don’t know. It just sounded interesting.” He turned a walked away.


“Martha” went outside at night for a little walk. What happened with Brian made her feel a little uneasy. Because of this she was able to witness the arrival of General Ludlum, the British man that had been in a comma. The American troops seemed as if they wanted to hide him or at least bring him in secretly. She hid behind the wall of the cabinet and waited. After the men left, she knocked on his cabin door. She couldn’t help actually be curious about this man. They had gone through similar situations.

He answered the door and looked confused at her. “Can I Help you?”

“Hi” she begun, then felt silly for coming to this stranger in the middle of the night out of curiosity. “Aren’t you the man who was in a comma?”

“Yes” he said still with a confused look in his eyes.

“I just wanted to see you because… well, because I was just in a comma, too. “

That’s when his expression changed. “Oh, yeah. They told me about you in the British camp.” He had the same curiosity in his voice as Martha had felt before knocking on his door. “Do you want to come in?”

She did.

After a long silence, he asked. “So what’s your name?”

She looked at him, then down. “ I don’t know” She was disappointed and sad because this truth hurt so badly. How could a person not know their own name?

He stayed quiet. He understood.

“But,” she remembered. “They call me Martha but that doesn’t feel right.”

He couldn’t help but smile. “Well, they call me General Edward Ludlum. But I know that doesn’t sound right either.”

“And what does?”

“John Collins.” He looked her way and saw shock in her eyes, realization as well. That name, just the sound of that name brought back memories hidden in the back of her mind. This was the first time she had remembered anything before her comma. The feeling of those memories seemed to come from a past life.

She remembered meeting him, marrying him, living a life with him. She remembered the child they were going to have. She also remembered one last moment they spent together. She was staring into John Collin’s eyes when there was a sudden flash of light and a sting of pain all over her body. That’s when she remembered who she was. Her name was Emma Collins and it fit perfectly.

She came back to reality and couldn’t help smile.

“What?” John Collins said with a happy tone.

Emma Collins begun to cry but was still smiling. “My name is Emma Collins.”

John looked shocked. He recognized the name as his wife’s name. Could it be? “Emma?” he said with a shacky voice.

She nodded, smiling with tears running down her cheeks. Then they stood together in a long embrace both happy that they had been reunited. He looked at her and slowly brought her lips to his

. They stood there, like nothing else mattered, never over thinking the reason of how they had been reunited.

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