Pink Elephant

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A boy finds an unexpected friend in a pink elephant.

Submitted: April 20, 2013

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Submitted: April 20, 2013




It was a warm summer day the grass was turning green and I could smell the flowers outside.
This was the day my father promised to take me to the stadium to see the world's largest circus.
As we arrived at the stadium, I noticed there were a lot of cars and people wearing colorful clothes. There were thousands of balloons, hats and candy vendors. My father took me to a candy vendor and bought me a handful of bubble gum. Bubble gum is my favorite candy.
We went around to all the exhibits. We saw the clowns, lions, bears and elephants. A funny thing happened when we went to see the elephants. There was a small pink elephant, and as I was petting him and making fun of his color, I was blowing a huge bubble, it was about the size of my head and the elephant reached out with its pink trunk and took the bubble gum, and he blew a larger bubble than my own!
Thant's when I fell in love with this creature. I had to have him for my own. I begged and begged my father to buy this pink elephant for me, but he kept saying, "No". I stayed with the pink elephant until the circus ended that day.
As my father walked away, I gave the pink elephant the rest of my bubble gum. I started walking to our car, but I felt as if someone was watching me. When I turned around, I saw the pink elephant as he winked and smiled at me.
We had a long trip home. Back through the city, over the mountains and down the long winding roads.
It was late when we got home. I went straight to my room and pulled yesterday's bubble gum off the bed post and began to chew it. I fell fast asleep.
I felt the warmth of the sun flowing in through my window. It was morning already. I heard a loud cry coming from the garage. Startled, I ran to see what it was. As I entered the garage my mouth fell open, my eyes were wide and I was stiff as a board as my bubble gum rolled across the garage floor. It was the pink elephant from the circus he was still chewing the bubble gum I had given him.
That summer was fifty three years ago, but I still have my best friend the pink elephant. He lives in my garage and blow bubbles for me. I can't blow bubbles anymore; I don't have any teeth. I'm still happy because I have a friend who will always remember how to blow bubbles on a warm summer day.

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