I Am Syler

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A serial killer, and his journey to understand what made him they way he is...or who. Conspiracy?

He stood over the table. The table with the man he tied down onto and stared into his confused and frightened eyes. In his navy blue coat, ( it was almost black ). His voice was harsh, a rough and uncomfortable voice to endure. His surprisingly untainted attitude and sense of humor helped shape who he was. Who was he, wondered the man on the table. “You know when they say, “I’m gonna break every bone in your body” ( he spoke through a menacing voice) ? Well, that’s just a meaningless threat, a scare tactic…quite foolish, and weak I’d say. But I love to try new and exciting things, my new and exciting friend! So today, Im gonna break every bone in your fucking body!( he spoke through a menacing voice) Literally! I am literally going to attempt to find and brake every one of the 208 bones in your human body. Ha, I’ve never thought about this before, so this is all an adventure…for both of us.” With that, he raised his blade, in a poetic way, as if he was moving to the sound of music inside his head. His excitement grew. The man on the table, too afraid to struggle, it was no use anyway. And then, the blade fell. Again and again, the man never taking a breath, just thrusting the blade into his victim repeatedly. As he stood there in his navy blue coat, (it was almost black) as the works of his hand brought a painful agony, and ultimately death to his short lived new friend, his mind was more lively than ever. He had forgotten altogether about his plan to attempt braking 208 of his friends bones this morning. His mind soared into a deranged haven built by his own need to take life. In his world, he saw all the things he knew to be beautiful. He saw beautiful leaves and trees, and wide oceans and warm lights, white shores with feelings flowing with pleasure. It was as if he knew not what he was doing to his friend on the table. As if his mind placed him into a trance, that could only be brought on by the powering over of another man, the ultimate feat, snatching up the most precious gift one could possess…taking life. He didn’t know why this was the only way he could feel, he only knew how to feel it. And so he did. Morning after morning, he made new friends. “How better to start off the day“, he thought. When his mind came back to reality, and as his hand fell for the final time onto his victim, he realized with a smile…it was time for breakfast. He would make a new friend tomorrow. That excited him. “What a reassuring thing to look forward too”, he said to himself.

After he carefully cleaned up and prepared for a new friend, he walked out side into the cool morning air and took a deep cleansing breath. “Ahh!. Lets take a walk”, he said to himself as he stepped out onto the side walk. He walked casually down the cheerful street filled with children and busy people preparing for the beautiful summer day. He looked around, scanning the faces surrounding him….looking….he decided to go speak to a middle age looking man, sitting on the curb, drinking something slowly and peacefully out of a plastic cup, “perhaps lemonade,” he thought. “Hello neighbor!” (His voice was harsh, a rough and uncomfortable voice to endure)… “This could be my new friend”, he thought to himself. He spoke to the middle aged man, as he stood there in his navy blue coat (It was almost black). Exciting thoughts rushed through his mind, “this could be a short and wonderful relationship“…

Submitted: January 17, 2011

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