House of Sift Heads

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A 19 year old girl, Jessica White, who felt an energy for dance. Her dream is to become a dancer. At 13, she joined a dance group who were like brothers to her, except for one guy, Bruce Watts, her high school guy. THe House of Sift Heads and dance competetions were her only world. Will her team catch up to the Finals of the World's Toughest Dance Competition?

Submitted: June 11, 2011

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Submitted: June 11, 2011



 I started to run as fast as I can to College, as I was late. It might have started five minutes ago. Still I didn’t want to be late for my first class.
 I was late from my dance, as I was the only girl in the club, boys started to give me latest steps for hip-hop.
But seriously, how could I miss it?
 I had been a good dancer ever since I was 10 years old. In my childhood, while shopping in the supermarket, my body would just respond to the rap playing in the radios, which can’t have a control over my body. That’s when I felt a special pull for dance.
 I, at last, made it to class. Boys and girls were running around the room, some were dressing the mannequin. A lady was sitting in the teacher’s desk, reading ‘Eclipse’ by Stephanie Meyer. I entered the room.
 I had taken fashion designing in college. As I was really interested in things like dressing up the mannequin. I sat beside a red-headed girl sketching a model.
 “Is she Miss. Gale Thomson?” I asked her.
 “No, she’s just come for substitute, and she’s Brittany.” She said, still her eyes on the paper.
 “I’m Jessica White.” I said, to her. She looked up, I realized she had blue eyes, and her hair looked liked she had cute her hair by herself.
 “I’m Victoria Mane.” She said, we introduced ourselves. After the class, we headed to our dorm. We both were in the same block. We went to the reception together, and found our rooms.
Hers was placed in the 1st floor, while I was placed in the 5th floor. I searched for my room, and it was 56. I took my suitcases, and headed to 56.
I opened the door, with the key, and found that it was already opened. I went in and found a dark-skinned girl sticking a poster of Selena Gomez on the wall. She looked at my direction, and wondered who had opened the door.
 “Hi, there.” She said, getting down from the stool.
 “Are you my roommate?” I asked her. She nodded.
 I found two beds, one in the corner, had suitcases already on them. And there was another bed close to the window.
 “I’ll take this.” I said, as I placed suitcases over them.
 “You must be Jessica White.” She said.
 “Yah, that’s me.” I said, as hanged all my clothes into the wardrobe.
 “I’m Sandra James.” She said. “Do you mind taking your boots off?” she asked me.
 “Not at all.” I said, removing my boots.
 “I’m sorry.” She apologized. “I’m an Indian and I would like this to be followed. We find homes as like heaven, and like to be cleaning every-now and then.” She said.
 “Cool. You’re an Indian.” I said. She smiled.
 “Do you live here in Manhattan?” she asked, worried.
 “Yah, I mean, I was born here.” I said.
 “Oh, I used to live in Chennai in India, it’s first time I came here, to US.” She informed me.
 Just then, there was a call from my mobile.
 “It’s Jessy speaking.” I said.
 “Hey, Jessy, it’s me, Connor.” He said. He’s one of the dancers of our House of Sift Heads. “Urgent meeting.” He informed me.
 I took my cycle, and went as fast as I can to the north of Manhattan.
 I reached the street and entered the block. I found Marco entering at the same moment.
 “Hey! Jessy girl!” He greeted me, as we high-fived. We entered the office. It’s basically an apartment, where we all had our meetings and practiced. We always lived together, even though I was the only girl, they respected me as how much I loved dance.
 Our captain Ryan created it. And made us join in his. He was sitting in the kitchen, with Connor on his left side.
 Bruce, Andy, Jason, Kevin and George were seated in the dinning table having a coke in their hands.
 I sat on my seat beside George. “What is it?” I asked him.
 “I don’t know, Ryan called all of us to the meeting.” He said. 
 “The reason I called all of us here, because there’s been a dance competition, once more. But this one is amazing.” He said, looking at all of our faces. Everyone gave a woo sound.
 “Please let me continue.” He said, everyone became silent. “Whoever goes to the final and wins gets hell a lot of money. The rounds as we pass and take steps to the finals, our dance moves is counted. We get money in lakhs when we win at every single round. If we lose in one round, we’ve got to start all over from the first round. Plus we lose the money where we lost and the money when we start again.” He said.
 “Damn! Money.” George mumbled.
 “So I thought, this might be a good one, then, I gave our house name.” he said, proudly. “Can I trust you for kicking the other house’s butt?” he asked us, once again looking at our faces.
 “Of course.”, “Obviously.”, “Yeah.”, “Trust us.” And “Wow.” Words were running through our group.
“That’s the spirit.” Ryan called. So that’s when our heavy practices started. I didn’t much come to college and didn’t anymore stay at the dorm, either. We all spelt, ate and bathed at the apartment. Only in the weekends though. But we were like a family.
On Tuesday, as usual I had a bath and was changing my jeans. Sandra woke up.
 “It’s only 4 am. Classes start at 10.” She said, getting up.
 “No, I’ve got to go to my dance practice.” I said, brushing my hair.
 “You need a break.” She said.
 “For people who are going towards success.” I said, turning at her. “There’s only family, and my family is House of Sift Heads. I belong with them.” I said getting up, and opening the door.
 “Besides, I’m one of them.” I said, closing the door. I took a taxi this time. As it was really freezing outside. I couldn’t go by cycle.
 I removed my jeans, my tops, and my boots. I changed into tracks, and a sweatshirt. We decided to practice the same foot hip hop style. There was a knock on the door.
 “Yes.” I answered the door, finding a lady on her night dress.
 “Could you keep the volume down? People are sleeping for god’s sake.” She said.
 I apologized but we didn’t turn the volume down at all. For our practices we need more than that. We all went back to our college. Most of us were in college. Except for Ryan, he’s in a film university.
 At last, the time came when we were supposed to face the first round. We had our costume already; we were supposed to wear everything red and black.
 We all tried our best to competite with House of Redlight. They had many girls and boys mixed more than us. Still, we won. The judges handed us 2.5 lakhs dollars. We used it to buy our costumes, and converses that could make us dance more comfortable. We bought many other things which could help us to dance.
 For our victory, I invited Sandra and Victoria to our House party. Ryan and Sandra got a long well soon. Vicky and Connor felt a strong connection between which was pulling them together.
 I stood there having my beer, admiring them. As they talked about their favorites. While I had none to talk to.
 “Hey. Jessy.” A voice came over beside me. It was Bruce.
 “Hi.” I said. Looking at him, he looked kind of cute in the moonlight, as I was standing in the balcony of the apartment.
 “So?” he said, standing beside me. I don’t know why I liked other guys like brothers except for Bruce. We knew each other since high school. We always sticked together and sat together in lunch. Even danced together in prom.
 “Found any boyfriends?” he asked me first.
 “Not yet.” I said, looking at the sky.
 “Me too. I mean, I didn’t find any girlfriends.” He said, this made me smirk.
 “Okay, I know, it’s not going well.” He said, rolling his eyes. He looked cute again; his blue eyes, and ginger blonde hair, tall.
 “What is not going well?” I asked him.
 “I’ve had a crush on you, since high school.” He said.
 “Wow. You know, crushes are not supposed to be revealed.” I said.
 “It’s just there in my heart; I don’t know how to take it.” He said.
 After that night, I and Bruce started to date for a week. Ryan shared his feelings with Sandra, and we felt happy for him and Sandra.
 You see, he didn’t date any girl. Plus he’s an orphan. But not until he met us. We all became a family.
 Once more, we had an important meeting.
 “So guys. I’ve chosen Jessy and Bruce for the tango dance.” Ryan said. We were taken a back. I looked at Bruce as he looked at me in surprise.
 “But why me?” I asked Ryan.
 “Sister, you’re the only girl here.” He said kindly.
 “Oh Brother, but why me?” Bruce asked Ryan.
 “Stop pretending you, two.” Ryan protested.
 “Come on.” Connor said smiling. “We knew that you’re dating.” He said. I blushed.
 “Why there’s a tango?” I asked him.
 “It’s a bonus round. If we want to be there, we can. Considering your chemistry, you might do sexy on the tango.” He said, taking Bruce’s hand and mine. “Chemistry and corporative is very important in Tango.” Ryan said.
 “If we win this, we get another 2 lakhs dollars.” Ryan informed.
 “What if we lose?” Bruce asked Ryan.
 “Bruce, there is no such thing as ‘losing’ to us.” Ryan said firmly. “Who are we?” he asked.
 “Sift Heads!!” everyone shouted. 
 “What do we have?” Ryan asked.
 “We have the energy like a cheetah!!” everyone shouted.
 So we all group hugged. Our tango lessons started quite well. We selected ‘Bust your windows’ by Jasmine Sullivan for our music.
 The choreography was done by Ryan. The final day was just around the corner. Just before the day. Sandra and Vicky took me to the mall to buy a dress for my tango.
 We went to the saleswoman and brought a red dress. It was a sexy ruffled tulip-hem tango dress. It had a double spaghetti halter ties. This should be tied in the back of my neck. I tried it on and it fitted perfectly. As I was shopping in the shoe area, I found my mother looking them.
 “MOM!” I shouted out. It had been a long time, since I didn’t been close with my parents nor my sister.
 “Mi Hija!!” she called looking surprised in Spanish. Mom is a Spanish-American.
 “I told you not to call me that.” I said, hugging her.
 “Querida, you know how I love. That’s always my first word when I see you.” She said, hugging me back. “By the way, how many times shall I say it means ‘my daughter’?” She said.
 “Of course, I knew that.” I snorted. “What do you mean, even if I studied in a fashion designing college, it doesn’t mean I forgot Spanish.” I said.
 “Querida means?” My 23 year old sister, Alicia, came. I pretended to think. 
 “It means darling.” She answered.
 “I was thinking, Alicia.” I said. As we were going through shoes to fit my tango dance. My dad decided to pay me that. A leather heels in red straps, fitted the dress perfectly. 
 “What was the reason you’re buying these things?” Mom asked me, by the counter. She surprised by screaming, “You’re still with les chico malos? Still dancing, Niña?” She demanded.
 “First, of all I’m not dancing. And I don’t what chico malos mean.” I said.
 “Chico malos means bad boys.” Mom said, I gasped. “And Niña means girl. Mi hija, you must move on in your broma.” She said, I gave a puzzled look.
 “Broma means life in Spanish.” she answered. And she mumbled something in Spanish which might have been like “I can’t believe you forgot your Spanish.”, because I heard ‘espanol.’.
 “Do you know the reason we came here?” Alicia asked me.
 “No.” I replied.
“Ok, this is Alex.” She said a guy who was with us, while shopping came to her side. I and Alex shook hands. He looked at the age of Ryan. “We’re going to get married.” She said, calmly.
 “Then, congratulations.” I congratulated them.
 After that, I went to my practice to check if it might be good, and showed it to Ryan.
 “The red would match Bruce’s red tie.” He said, pointing at Bruce was coming with a package. I went to a private room, and put on my dress.
 All the guys in the room were surprised to see me.
 “As I thought, it looks good on you.” George said.
“Thanks.” I said. Then, Bruce was wearing his black suite, and red tie. I looked at Bruce; he wasn’t the guy I knew in my high school life. He grew up so quick, that now, right in front of me. I found a generous gentleman standing.
 Who was this guy? Where’s Bruce Watts?
 We practiced with costume on. When the practice had ended. We left to our dorms.
 As the next day came, we had no morning practice. So I slept late.
 I was woken by Vicky and Sandra screaming.
 “What?” I asked them, trying to sit up.
 “It’s spa time.” Sandra said, with a credit card in her hand.
 “It’s not a prom night.” I said.
 “Come on.” Vicky said. “Spa is awesome, they make you look good, and you have to show your feminism in tango. Didn’t anybody teach you that?” she asked pulling me from bed.
 So for their sake, I put on a faded blue jeans and a green sweatshirt. We spent 2 hours in the spa. The lady in the spa did a manicure and painted them red.
 My hair was curled at the ends and was tied by a red ribbon as a ponytail. A red lip-gloss and I was ready to dance tango with Bruce.
 So we headed to ‘Times Square’. It was happening there. There were lots of couples dancing tango for their houses. Our house went as a team.
 “Look at that!” George screamed behind me.
 “Is that Jessica White we knew?” Ryan said, looking at me from up to down.
 “Honestly, if I were in your age, I would have been dating you.” Andy commented.
 “Thank you, guys.” I said. I looked at Bruce who looked exactly like the stranger, as a gentleman.
 “So? You’re ready?” he asked me. I nodded.
 We went to the green room, and looked around us. All the tango dancers were crowded around us. Some girls were throwing up, and some were hugging. I felt nervous. Everywhere I looked around; people were barfing or practicing their moves. That just made me goes all sweaty.
 I can handle hip-hop and street dance and even slow dancing. I never had danced before in my life in tango. Especially, with some one who is hot and cute.
 “Don’t worry, I’ll handle everything.” Bruce said, noticing my sweaty hands. This at least relaxed me.
 “Now, Bruce Watts and Jessica White from House of Sift Heads.” The host called out. I knew, it was time to go there and dance.
 The music of ‘Bust the windows’ by Jasmine Sullivan started to play. I went in my stylish walk. As Bruce came by the other side.
 He took me by his arms, so close that our bodies were touching. I froze. I have done this like gazillion times but in front of everyone, and the spotlight on us, made the magic. He swirled me and I was twisting my body in every angle.
 Then, I put my right leg over his legs, and stretched my left leg like as if I was drawing a big circle in the ground by my toes. I did some taps by my heel on the wooden stage. Later, I put my left leg over his shoulder, and stretched backwards over his hands. He was catching my whole body; my other right leg was stretched in the air.
 “Now, close your eyes.” He whispered, I heard confidence in his voice. I closed my eyes, and I felt air around me, like as if he was circling me. I heard people gasp and clapping. When the force of air stopped, I opened my eyes, and did again some dance moved by my heels. As the music neared the ending.
 Again, I put my right leg over his knee and stretched backwards, that my head almost touched the ground. As he was leaning over me, plus catching me by the back. I stood up, and there were only a few centimeters between his lips and mine. I thought he would kiss me.
 “Well done, querida.” That’s all he said.
 But wait.
 He called me querida.
 This means darling in Spanish. Thanks to Alicia who translated. I blushed. 
 Ryan was waiting the green room for us to return. Even the other members were there too.
 “Wow, guys.” Ryan said, feeling surprised.
 “You have made our house proud.” Andy said, shaking my hands. We all group hugged. I realized that we were the last couple. The judges called all the participants over the stage.
 As I and Bruce climbed the stage. The crowd shouted out our names. I felt proud of both of us.
 “We have come to the end of the bonus round and we have got the winners.” The male judge said. He took a deep breath. “The third place is House of Samurai.” He said, as the couple who were wearing green and sparkly came to collect their price.
 “The second place is the House of Blasters.” He said, as a couple wearing pink and glossy came over. I realized the girl was one of them who throwed up.
 “And the first place goes to...” the female judge stopped. Everyone went dead silent. My heart was thumping very fast, that it can blast in any second.
 “The House of Sift Heads!” she shouted out, one minute my heart stopped. It was us. I and Bruce looked at each other in shock. Everyone had their attention on us. For me, everything became in a slow motion.
 “Hey, you better tell when you’re going to fall.” Bruce said, getting a hold of me. So we walked and collected our prices. All our team members came by to hold the huge check. That minute, Bruce looked at me, and hugged. Tears came rolling in my eyes. Bruce leaned on me, and looked at me with his kind eyes. His lip and mine were much closer than they were before while dancing Tango. I knew this is the moment.
 He kissed. It was soft and warm.
 My first kiss.
 Ok, I know I’m too old to get my first kiss, but I didn’t have any before in my life. Everyone was in my side, and people took photos of us kissing. I just saw some flashes of lights.
 After 5 weeks, we reached the finals. We were one of the houses where we were one of houses which can have competitions. We decided to do different techniques in Street dance.
 We were standing in the stage, with nervousness. We looked at each other for encouragement. There were the other houses waiting for their chance to show themselves.
 The three professional dancers came on stage with the result. In the finals, we knew there was nothing other than the first place.
 The blonde guy, who is the world’s hip-hop dancer, was holding the check.
 “The first place goes to.” He stopped. I felt my tracks started to loosen themselves. “House of SIFT HEADS!!” He shouted. Ryan and all of us looked at each other in surprise. We all collected it, and took photos together. From now on, we were the toughest teams ever.
I saw Sandra and Vicky standing off of the stage. I called them. They came running. Vicky and Connor kissed, as even Sandra and Ryan kissed. After the kiss, everyone in the team didn’t fade off. But we still were a team.
 Vicky and Sandra looked at their heroes. As I looked at my hero.

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