Meeting Him

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It's a little thrilling story about a creepy guy who stalked on a 911 operator who once attended his call.

Submitted: October 18, 2013

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Submitted: October 18, 2013



 Meeting Him


 The white space was what came at my vision first. Just a simple blank white space, just the colour of a white paper, a paper which is blank without any thoughts written to fill it or note it down. Something like what an author would run out of his thoughts in his mind, just exactly what I’m doing here with. Completely clueless.

I looked around a little at least, but there was just literally nothing but brightening milky white. I rolled my eyes at this non-existent space of a dream or a nightmare I had been experiencing for the last month. Still confused at what I’m doing here, I waited for the same person who appeared into my lonely out-of-nowhere place.

I felt someone’s breath against my neck. I took breath knowing it’s him, who’s appeared again, and I froze when I felt his arms on my waist. This is the first time we’ve ever made physical contact in weeks.

“You’re soon going to be mine, love.” I noticed his British accent. My eyes automatically closed to his warm breath and his voice against my ear. Finally before I lost his contact, a pair of red eyes opened up before the dark space drowned inn.

I woke up from the sweat that had been layered in my body. Now this was really getting into my nerves. How is it even possible to be having the same dream over a month? And who the hell has red eyes? This all definitely seemed unusual but very realistic.

Ever since I had attended the call one night at the working night shift at the 911 operating office. The dreams been appearing very often as the days go by. It all started as a simple call under the night shift, I had stayed over. Since my roommate said that she had cancelled our night together with her mother who turned up out of nowhere.

“You’ve called 9-1-1, what’s your emergency?” I had asked him in the way for almost a hundred times for the night.

“Do I sound like I’ve got any emergency?” A cool voice answered up. “Apart from wanting to call you?” I had been enraged since my duty was to answer the calls that people needed the official’s help.

“I’m sorry, sir, this isn’t a question to be answered by me. Are you aware that this is complete emergency calls only?” I asked him in the annoying tone.

“Ouch. Wasn’t expecting you to answer like that.”  He had answered back.

“Look, I’m not ready to answer for creepy perverts like you on the line, while someone who would need my help will be on the line with an emergency.” I had said in a hurry to be about to click on END CALL.

“Chill, lady. But I’ll be searching you.” I remember getting Goosebumps at the time with his voice like that. “I’ll keep an eye on you even if I don’t know who you are.” I immediately clicked the button and slammed my headphones on the desk.

I tried getting the location where he stayed but lost his connection already. It hadn’t bothered me much until I started the nightmares about him for almost that night onwards. Assuring oneself wasn’t going to change anything, that’s what I learnt from that.

I woke up at the dawn of the sky turning up into a yellow, signalling for the city to light up. I hurried into the washroom and soon I wore into a casual t-shirt and jeans. It was going to be the start of my shift in an hour. So I hurried through the subway and reached the 911 Operating Junctions in time.

The bust morning in the junction was already on by the time I put on my ID batch and pulled my red hair into a pony. Stella, my co-worker, was taking on the morning shift as she ended the call. I must say, Stella looked like a normal young girl, but she’s way older and had a kid. It’s surprising when she opens her mouth to find her sound older.

“Morning, Stella.” I greeted her as she found me staring at her. “How was the shift?” I asked her, as she looked beyond patronized. She looked way tired and a layer of sweat had coated her forehead.

“It went okay, not much of crime have happened last night. Except for a couple of medical needs.” She said, massaging her shoulders. Her wavy blonde hair was neatly tucked into a bun. I waved her goodbye as she waved and got her stuff and left the office. I made myself seated and here’s another day of working in 911 has started.

Now I would have to spend my rest of the day hours in here attending calls. Until it’s late at night. The time went pretty fast as I got too involved into attending the calls. The tension hours of the day just started ahead, but at first nothing really comes along during the daytime. At least till the evening, everything remains calm, nothing much to crime full happening in the city except for medical emergencies. But as soon as it’s dark enough, all hell breaks loose.

Not long enough did my day take; I was out of the Operating Junction soon. I pulled on my soft leather coat tightly as I started walking. It was almost three minutes to eleven thirty and the city was still half awake. I tried not nudging into any while walking through the quiet street. I constantly looked at my watch again and looked behind.

Nothing of that was creepy but yet the quietness and the loneliness itself gave out a different aura. The street lights were flickering around, the deep chill of the fall of the year was on. As I kept walking through the streets after streets, I figures that there weren’t any more couples walking hand in hand, bad gangster-looking boys, busy and tired business men with their briefcases walking along with me. Until I came to know that I was lost into those street of New York City where the most crime could happen.

The blocks were shut down, nothing of life anymore. I could still hear the faint honks and traffic sounds from the far off highlights of the city. The strange thing was, there were no sign of any stranded homeless people anymore. There was always a homeless man or a woman sleeping on the pavement or on the shutdown shops that were once bestselling.

Great, now I’m lost somewhere in downtown where there’s not even a homeless man. I searched for my phone in my pockets to try to call Cindy, my roommate. I felt the rough metal square and immediately speed dialled her. The cold metal was lingering in my ears as I gasped out for breath through the mist coming out of my mouth.

“Hey, you’ve called Cindy. I’m not around but you leave a message.” I was sent to the voice mail. I stamped my foot on the ground at an annoying way.

“Geez, Cindy, please pick up the phone. I’m lost in the Downtown city and I’ve no clue what this street even called, please just call me back as soon as you reach me.” I said, angrily as I hung up. Where is she when I need her so badly?

I wasn’t born here; I had to move out of my place back in Alaska and had to get a job for myself. Hence, I wasn’t well known about all the cracks and holes in the big enormous city. Cindy had been living here long enough to know everything, yet she has a big head of all the streets and avenues in her mind.

I started to walk further towards the traffic sounds by following them blindly until I got a bit carried away into a tinier street with the same atmosphere. I signed in evenly as I tried to assure myself again that nothing could go wrong and besides I got call the cops which I had in speed dial or even the 911 if I’ve got the emergency to.

So I moved walked back and forth trying to find a way out until I noticed a fire being put up. The strong aroma of the burning smell hit me strongly as I perfectly knew where it came from. Finally I saw the orange light emitting out of a basket put on fire and moved towards it to find anyone near it.

Unfortunately, when I got there, I found none. The fire was put up fresh and it was not possible for anyone to move so easily and so soon. “Hello? Is anybody here?” I called, but my voice behaved as an echo. I warmed my freezing hands in the warmth but then I knew I wasn’t alone in this corner.

The next moment what happened took my breath away, it was deja-vu again. Everything happened in a minute as I had just dreamed this morning. The guy, he was right there behind me, hugging my waist. His breath which I felt at the back of my neck just like in the dream.

“You are already mine.” I waited for that single endearment to fill in my doubt of this moment being the dream. “Love.” He hissed as his cold lips touched the side of my neck. I froze immediately as he made his way in turning me around to face him. The first thing I saw was his dark black hair and then when he looked me in the eye, his red eyes came into view.

The same freaky red eyes. I tried to wriggle out of his grasp on my shoulders. But they were too strong. Inhumanly strong.

“You, what do you want?” I asked him as I tried to run away from his. But then again, I failed and failed and failed over again.

“It’s you, my darling, that I want.” He said, making me come closer to him. The second I laid my eyes on his red ones, everything went blank and it was like as if he could control my mind. He pulled me closer and closer as the seconds passed. But I don’t know I could do further.

But apparently, my brain couldn’t function properly at the point of time.

The next minute what happened couldn’t use a rocket science to know. It was obviously a kiss he was going for. And what else could I do but go for it?

When our lips finally made contact, the fire started within to rise. I hadn’t known who pulled in first, but our body connected to each other like a puzzle. But I was sure as hell felt afraid at first, but now, it made me rethink about him. He was creepy, and god knows what kind of psycho he might be. Our lips locked into each other like there was no tommorow. And Gosh, he was a great kisser. He was making it too hard for me to pull away. He's really good at this, isn't he?

But all came to my brain, didn’t actually got to my heart. Yet it was needing more and more of him. Something weird happened inside me, like a lock was finally unlocked. And he had the key to it. It wasn’t like I had never kissed before, but this feeling sure didn’t feel the same as the rest of them. We broke apart beyond my protests inside me.

“What the hell is that?” I breathed heavily, getting back to my senses. My stupid heart still didn’t get hit by reality as it still dreamed of wanting more. “I need to go. And don’t follow me.” I said, sternly as I started walking. And before I could make another step, he grabbed my hand to stop.

“Babe.” He said, in that sexy deep voice of his. “This is only the beginning.” And again I felt my heart give in to him all over again. What is this? This ain’t some romantic movie? It’s a shame really that was what was going in my heart and a strong connection to the brain. The heart poisoned my innocent brain.

But last of all what was left was, strangely, fear and love. Mixed. Could that ever happen at the same time? I knew I was completely off the top to fall in love with someone who particularly scares me to death.

As they say. Cause you always want what you’re running from. 

This is an entry to the Romantic and Sexy Short Story Contest held by FlanneryChallengesYou. It's rounding up around 2,057 words. 

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