Until you need me

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Submitted: January 07, 2008

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Submitted: January 07, 2008



What is love, but unforgettable breathing

What is love, but gorgeous pursue-

Of two eyes, your eyes

To bring me the lights of all skies!


What is love, but remembering moments

When we stepped together outside

When we walked, when we ran, when we swimmed

Through the rivers of Paradise..


What is love, but two marvellous lips

That could carry me far, to the clouds and the Sun

What is man, if he lacks his true part-

The one, created out of his rib


Please, wait for me, I could come and belove you

I can force you with tenderness just

To protect me from all storms and the rain,

That poured because of my tears for you..


I can love you and I can stay, if you want me

I can jump on the sky and pretend

That I am the Sun, to be able to caress you with rays..



I can pretend also to be the stars

That you will look and search in them the love

And if you see a falling star above

Remember, that is me.. I’ll come for you, to kiss you

No matter how afar you’ll be!


So, what is love, but, being yours!

And what is love, but, craving just for you

But what is love, is it the flames in me

That make me bright and whisper your name-

And see you in the face of every flower

And smell you in the whiff of tender winds

And hold you as a burning feeling within the deepest of my heart!


If you have ever loved me, let me say the last-

I love you, love you, love you, so,

That even all the world decides to turn into a dust

My love for you will ever live-


until you need me…

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Until you need me

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