Where Do Teachers Come From?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Kendra suspects something, something no one has noticed other than her, the teachers at school are different, not human really.

Submitted: December 01, 2014

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Submitted: December 01, 2014



Authors note, I wrote this for school and it really needs editing which I will do when I find time, tell me what you think and if you think I should build off of this, thanks and enjoy.

It was a normal day at school, in 2015, when I started noticing something was wrong. The teachers seemed different to me, unhuman. I tried to explain this to my friends but they just said I was crazy.

“Kendra you’re insane,” said Lauren.

“No, there the things that are insane.”

Lauren responded, “Theres no way that our parents would allow us to be taught by something like that.”

“Well maybe they don’t know.” I reasoned.

“Don’t you think that the government or someone else would know about this by now?” Lauren asked.

“Maybe they have someone in the inside to make sure they never catch on!” I answered.

“I don’t think so Kendra.”

“Ugh I’m leaving!” I said and I stormed out the door. Lauren was my best friend and I was always there for her, even when she had thought that the world was ending, or was just having a mental breakdown. She hadn’t seem was I saw though.

I was the first to find it strange the teachers were always there at any hour, that everyone in the classroom never misbehaved like a normal child, and learned the information with all As at the end of the quarter. I noticed that I seemed to always be in a different mood after class, like I was ready to go to work, and I was so emotionless for hours after class, and I never remembered class clearly.

Thats when I saw that the teachers were strange, they never ate lunch, they never talked about there life outside of the classroom, they never really expressed any emotion. The classrooms were all plain, dull colors and never were very decorated. It was scary really, growing up in a school where the teachers only taught and nothing else.

In my old school it was nothing like this. The school was bright , the classes were fun, and we had teachers that were normal people. I was at least emotional there, even though I may not have had all A’s at least I had friends that weren’t always so stiff until the weekends.

So I decided to go searching, I had invited Lauren over for the weekend to hang out, even though she didn’t know my full plan.

So I sat in the living room at 7:00 pm waiting for her arrival. Soon I feel deep in thoughts about my plan when the doorbell shot of like a gunshot in my mind, scattering every last thought. I ran to the door and let Lauren in.

We were both thin and tall. She had brown hair with almond colored eyes and I had blond hair with blue eyes. We were best friends with around the same style. Lauren had on blue jeans and a T-shirt like I did and she was carrying a large bookbag with all her stuff.

“Hey,” I greeted her.

“Whatcha want to do?” she asked.

“Lets go for a bike ride,” I said and grabbed a bag I had prepared earlier.

“Ok, lets go,” she said and we dashed out the door to my garage. I hopped on my brothers bike and  Lauren took mine. We rode down the street, together. We passed bright colored houses and lawns. Red and orange leaves littered the ground.

I decided I needed to get going on the plan before it would get too dark, “Race you to the school!”

“Your on!” Lauren answered.

We raced past the dairy queen and down main street. I quickly passed Lauren and beat her to the school. “Nice race, but lets get moving.” I said and parked my bike behind a bush.

Lauren copied me out of habit but asked, “Wait what are you talking about?”

“You said you didn’t believe me, so I’m going to prove you wrong.” I said and creeped to the school wall after grabbing my backpack.

She shifted her weight uneasily,“What are you… no we are not going in there, this is crazy.”

“Well maybe so but are you going to come or not?” I said as I worked on picking the lock of the school doors, I didn’t have to worry about the cameras because they never used them anyway, but just in case I handed Lauren a ski mask from my bag and put one on my self. The lock clicked and the door opened.  turned around to see Laurens stricken face as she slid the ski mask on.

We ran went down the hall like a cat, quiet and fast. I peered into the classrooms but no one was in any of them. I started looking into storage rooms and lockers for a sign of anything strange.

“I told you theres nothing here!” Lauren whispered.

“I know there has to b-,” I was saying when I heard a noise from down the hall. “Follow me and be quiet.”

I bolted down the hall as quietly as possible. I swiftly slid around the corner into the office where I heard the noise from. Once inside the office I pressed my ear to the door where the sound was from. It was the conference room.

All I heard was a grumbling. Lauren soon joined me out of a fear and curiosity.

“Our plan is going well.” Said a raspy voice I didn’t recognize.

Lauren stared at me as if to say that could mean anything. I pressed my ear harder on the door.

The voice spoke again, “With forces everywhere we will soon have this human race in our control. All we had to do was replace the teacher and brainwash these pathetic humans. They are so stupid, but such a good resource for slaves! Soon each of you will have your share in the riches and we will be victorious!”

Lauren and I stared at each other, I could hear my heartbeat bulging in my chest, faster and faster. We took one peak in the window to see the most disgusting, green and black ,scaly monster, with a head like a dragon and the body of so many monsters that could kill me with one wipe of its claw. I was scarred and will never forget this day I knew.

We ran and never looked back.

© Copyright 2020 glandorfgirl. All rights reserved.

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