She Left Me Alone

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I found some of my very old poems on my computer. I'm going to upload them all.

She Left Me Alone (c) Glass Doll


She left me....she never came back

She threw me to the side and that was that

I have done nothing wrong, I was a good girl you see

I cook, cleaned, and sang songs for she

But it was not enough, she wanted more

But when I told her that I reached my limit, she went into an uproar

So we got into a car having me thinking we were going to the park

But we end up going to an alley and she dropped me there in the dark

And I watched her drove off, going...going...gone

Living on a living hope that she might come back, I sit her and wait from dusk till dawn

Submitted: January 21, 2012

© Copyright 2023 Glass Doll. All rights reserved.

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