Dangerous Territory

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Faith,trust and a little bit of pixie dust :-)

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013




“Stop it, stop it!” giggled my little girl; the perfect way to wake up. Emelyne my beautiful princess – she is my world. I realised that she was up and laughing, why was she laughing? I moved around my unmade bed and ran out the door. Sitting on my worn out couch was Peter with Emelyne dangling from his arms giggling as he blow raspberries on her tiny tummy. I was smiling from ear to ear; it made me so happy to see my little girl interacting with Peter. He is my best friend, and has been ever since I moved to the city.

I moved to the city when I was 25, I had just earned enough money to move from my family house after working for five years to be able to afford my dream flat. I was walking down the block to buy a copy of my favourite book to mark my moving – I was looking for a special addition copy of ‘Of Mice and Men’ – when I ran into Peter coming out of the bookstore. We began talking and we have had coffee after going to the bookstore after Friday afternoon ever since even when I was with Emelyne’s father.  Peter was always there for me; he supported me and was the closest thing that Emelyne has to a father. Dean was a guy who was way too immature for his age but I was hooked and when I fell pregnant he left and I haven’t heard from him since. And I wasn’t to hurt - I realised I was just hooked on the feeling of love, I wasn’t in love.

I walked over and sat on the couch next to the people I loved. “Peter, you breaking into my apartment again?” I joked.

“It’s not really breaking in, when you have a key!” he retorted. “Good morning, sleepy head.” Peter leaned over and kissed my cheek this is nothing out of the ordinary but today it meant more to me. I released a long breath I didn’t realise I was holding in. Emelyne climbed onto my lap and curled up, and held onto my shirt. Peter walked over to the counter and grabbed a take-away cup, he brings me coffee every time he comes over. I thanked him as he hands it over, I curl up and hold my coffee with one hand and my baby with my other. He sits down and pulls my legs over his, so they are lying across his lap.  I kiss his cheek. Why did I do that? Emelyne seems to notice the edginess of our usual comfortable Sunday morning. God, I am including Peter in ‘our’ Sunday mornings. “Mummy, is Uncle Pete my Daddy?” a little voice whispered from the crook of my neck. I gasped, I looked down at her. Her beautiful looking serenely into mine.

“Yes, you are! Your my little princess; I really want to be your Daddy is that okay?” exclaimed Peter. I was shocked, did he just tell her he was her father or that he would be – he has such a way with words.

“Peter,” I queried “I need to speak to you in my room! Emee, you can watch some television!” I placed her onto the sofa and walked into my bedroom expecting Peter to follow; when I heard the door shut I turned around. I paused, he looked scared and confused. I approached him slowly; I am so unsure how to feel. He lay down on my bed, “Look, you may be annoyed at me Bea. But I love that little girl like she is my own, and she may as well be I am never going to leave you two.”

He finished his speech when I approached him and sat next to him so I was on the edge of the bed.  “We not even together, I want you to be her dad. I made a massive mistake. But to me you are!” and that’s when it happened; I have never ever reacted to these feeling before I have always supressed them but today I couldn’t. I am so in love with this man.  This is the moment when I kissed my best friend. And it felt right. It was slow and tender. I pulled away “Peter, I love you so much. Thank you for being the only reliable person in my life you are my rock, my soul mate.”He didn’t reply with words, actions spoke stronger than these unspoken syllables. I felt at ease I have never felt so safe with a man. He pulled away “Will you be my Queen? I have a princess I only need you now.” I don’t think I have ever giggled so much until I heard him say that last sentence. I was happy but I had to take it slow. We laid there and watched to world for a while.

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