Making Love Work... PART ONE

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Two people meet at a young age Lexi and Max they become best friends, Max starts liking Lexi ... Lexi finds a key to popularity and soon leaves him on his own, when she gets a dare everything gets ruined and Max leaves and moves to another school, he leaves without saying goodbye, they meet each other as teens being more mature and experienced, they become best friends again this time not parting... Lexi starts to have feelings for Max, but Max moved on....

Submitted: March 26, 2013

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Submitted: March 26, 2013



Making Love Work ~ PART ONE

BY: Molly 




It was cold and breezy that morning... Lexi rushed downstairs she woke up late and was late for school.  She was still in her pajamas,  had a messy bun, and looked.... well, like everyone does in the morning.  She was quickly stumbling to get ready for schoool, she grabbed whatever she could... as she looked at her clock she realized she needed to get to school in ten minutes if she didnt want to get detention, so she decided to leave her hair as it was, as she was just about ready she recieved a text from Max, her best friend it said 

"be ready in five, im coming to pick you up.. wow, your late this time." she quickly replied

"thank you so much, you are such a life saver."  

As soon as the text was sent she went to brush her teeth.. and quickly stumbled down the stairs to the front door. Wearing a jacke and shorts, it wasnt as much as she usually did but she needed to get to school. As max drove through the driveway he honked the horn and saw Lexi coming out of the door, he smiled and opened the car door for her and as soon as she was in was off to school. 

Lexi and Max have been friends since they were ten years old, they were best friends since forever, and max always had a little crush on Lexi ever since the day they first met.  They always had eachothers back until one day some girls at there school gave her an opportunity to become popular, of course at the age of 13 it was normal for her to accept it... after spending a week with the girls she started to avoid max and max had no idea why. One night the girls and Lexi were having a sleepover and they were playing truth or dare, a girl named Tiffany dared Lexi to tell Max that she hated him and never wanted to see him again, and because of her need to be popular she did as she was told. The next day with the girls in back of her she went to talk to Max.. they were all laughing and kept whispering into eachothers ears.

"Hey Max." Lexi said with a serious face

"Oh hi Lexi, I see you have your little group with you... if you dont mind I have to get to class." he said, as if he did not care about Lexi at all. 

"Max, i need to tell you something." she said looking at the groud, he looked at her, and waited for her to continue.

"um... I hate you.. I never want to see you or have anything to with you ever again." she said trying to be as sarcastic as possible for she knew Max was very sensitive. 

"What else is new? I seriously got to get to class, see you around" .... "maybe" he said as he turned around trying to hide the tear that fell from his eye... He knew that it was probably the girls making her say that but he couldnt help but feel insecure... through the whole day he was down and glum but whenever he saw Lexi or any of the girls he acted like nothing was wrong. 

Lexi saw Max at the cafeteria, and she walked slowly over to him a bit embarrassed by her actions. Max saw her shoes and looked up, he tried to hide it, but Lexi knew him well enough to know that he was crying. She sat down across of him.

"hey, about earliar you know i didnt mean it right, we played truth or dare last night, and that was my dare." she said looking deep into his hurt eyes.

"yeah, I know.. doesnt bother me..." he said looking at the ceiling fans nervously.

"Max, dont play dumb with me, you can full just about everybody else with that, but not me, i know you to well.." she said trying to turn his attention to her instead of the ceiling fans. 

"well apparently you do not know me well enough, im not bothered." he said bluntly as he stood up and walked away. Lexi knew he was hurt and wished there was a way to make it up to him when she came up with an idea.

After school Max ran home. As soon as he got home he went up into his room and just started to listen to music and relax. When his parents got home he told them what had happened that day. He had a very close bond with his parents. They immediatley suggested moving, since they have been trying to get him to go to this all boys private school for forever. 

The next day Lexi came to school, and realized that Max wasnt there, which was unusual because he never, not once missed a day of school. She began to get worried for he didnt come to school for the past month. That afternoon, she decided to walk over to his house, when she ringed the doorbell no one answered, it looked dark inside, as if no one was there. After ten mintues of shouting "Max??? Are you home??" she gave up and went home...

While Max was at the all boys school, he moved on and decided that it just was not meant to be. Three years later they meet eachother again, as soon as Max saw her he ran to her and hugged her from the behind covering her eyes. 

"guess who?" he said playfully.

"josh, stop playing with me." she said smiling.

"josh? whos Josh?.." he said with a slight tone of embarrasment.

"seriousl- .... Max!!!!!!!!" She said as she turned around. Her eyes grew wide with embarrasment, and stood there completely frozen, 

"your not going to just stand there frozen like a statue are you?? i mean three years is quite a long time. come over here." he said with a half smile, then decreasing the tension. She quickly hugged him, super tight and then let go of him and slapped him. 

"ow! What was that for???" he said suprised. 

"you left me! Not a single text, or call! I was so worried, I, I even went to your house... you werent there.. where did you even go???!!!" she said a fastly stuttering on her words, a little upset but happy at the same time.

"Whoa, slow down, one question at a time, i moved.... i didnt get a chance to tell anyone, and i changed my number... does that answer everything??" he said laughing and mocking her...

"ye- yeah..." she said realizing that even after three years it seems like they never parted, the conversations picked up right from were they left off... This being us back to the begginning of the story.

As soon as they got to class the bell rang, they both looked at eachother and smiles. They were just on time. He took time to realize that she was only wearing a jacket, which he couldnt help noticing, since he was, a guy... he quickly shook the thought off and began thinking about how crazy, but adorable her hair looked in a messy bun. As she turned to look at him he looked away trying to pretend that he wasnt thinking about her. As she looked at him she began to notice his attractive feature, he was very toned, and had amazing eyes, she thought to herslef, how is he single? 





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